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Health Total offers effective, custom-designed weight loss programs based on natural therapy. We also offer health plans, which help you manage lifestyle-related health issues such as high cholesterol, high BP, PCOD, acidity, and diabetes to get you treading on the healthy path.

Our Approach

We have based all our plans on a unique, scientific four-step process

The weight loss program and various other health programs at Health Total work on the natural body cycle and are based on a unique four-step process:

Once the toxins are removed, the body becomes receptive to nutrients & improves their bioavailability

Post detox, the body absorbs nutrients from food more efficiently, restoring vitality & freshness

Body has now reached optimum metabolism state & needs right diet for nourishment

After achieving the desired result, we teach you to balance & maintain the same throughout your life

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Client Speak

Here at Health Total, we pride ourselves on providing great results, personal assistance & expert knowledge to all of our clients.Here are what just a few of them had to say:

Mrs. Poonam Donde, banking professional and mother of two also shares her views in one of these Anjali Mukerjee reviews. She lost about 18 kilos in 24 weeks. Now she can wear any of her favorite trousers.

Mrs. Poonam Donde

Banking Professional, 38 years

Meet Sonal Mengar, a homemaker aged 37, she shares how he lost the charm of her face and hair after practicing dieting. Sonal came to know about Health Total weight loss plans from one of her cousins.

Mrs. Sonal Mengar

Homemaker, 37 years

Mr. Dinesh Varma, weighing around 80 kg, shares his experience of how he lost weight within a short period. Dinesh recommends this weight loss program to anyone who is looking forward to a healthier.

Mr. Dinesh Verma

Professional, 42 years

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