4 amazing benefits of wheatgrass juice in weight loss

Published Date: Monday, 22nd August 2016 | Last Updated: Saturday, 18th March 2017
4 amazing benefits of wheatgrass juice in weight loss

Wheat grass can be your one-way ticket to a slimmer and sexier you! Here are 4 ways drinking wheatgrass can help you lose weight naturally. 

Abundant supply of key nutrients 

Packed with a balanced supply of vital nutrients, wheatgrass juice has many wonderful benefits. It contains an abundant supply of chlorophyll and hence it is called ‘green blood’ because of its structural similarity to haemoglobin.

Contains magnesium

It contains magnesium and is essential for about thirty enzymes in our body. The vital health-giving powers of wheat grass juice help fight a host of medical conditions such as chronic fatigue, anaemia, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, allergies, wrinkles, lacklustre skin, liver problems, colds, asthma, and sinusitis. Wheat grass juice is especially effective in the treatment of anaemia.

Better nutrient supplier compared with vegetables

Research indicates that one kilogram of wheat grass can supply nutrients equivalent to twenty-five kilograms of vegetables. Wheat grass juice is alkaline in nature. It contains active chlorophyll that purifies the blood and detoxifies the body. It gets digested and absorbed within thirty minutes of intake.


You can have it in the form of juice or by chewing its leaves. About 100 gms of wheatgrass yields 100 ml of juice. This juice should be taken on an empty stomach early in the morning or later in the day, three hours after a meal. If you are suffering from low immunity, headaches, frequent colds, or want to lose weight, you can begin by taking 50 ml of wheat-grass juice daily and increase it to 100 ml daily. However, if you are suffering from a chronic-diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and cancer, you can begin by taking 25 ml of wheatgrass juice and slowly increase it to 200-250 ml a day.

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