5 most common nutritional myths

5 most common nutritional myths

In today world of rumours and lies, even nutrition hasn’t been spared! Here are the 5 most common misleading nutritional myths, many of us fall prey too.

More proteins for more muscles

You do not need an extra dose of protein to get more muscles. Each body is designed according to a specific need and it cannot take an extra amount of protein to give you extra muscles. By doing so, you will only trigger your health in the wrong direction.

Only fish gives you Omega-3 fats

No, fish is not the only source for Omega-3 fats. Foods such as canola oil, walnuts, flaxseeds, and soybean also provide you with adequate amount of Omega-3 fats that helps in shielding your heart while helping you with weight loss.

White bread v.s brown bread

You cannot declare a certain type of bread as healthy or unhealthy specially based on colour. It all depends upon the ingredients of the bread and the good that it does to your body.

Carbs make you fat

Carbs don’t make you fat. They provide you with appropriate energy to boost your metabolism and keep you energised throughout the day. It also helps you burn extra fat during your workout, so think before you eliminate carbs from your diet. However, excess carb intake would not be a good idea. It’s about balancing your diet.

Go veg and lose weight

Most people think that avoiding non-veg foods will make them lose weight. No! Foods like fish, chicken, and eggs provide you with all the necessary proteins and other important nutrients that keeps your body fit.

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