An apple a day keeps the extra weight away

Published Date: Wednesday, 31st August 2016
An apple a day keeps the extra weight away

Apple for weight loss

Yes, indeed! An apple a day can definitely keep the extra fat away from your body. Apple is one of the most amazing fruit rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Moreover, apples contain non-digestible compounds that promote growth of good bacteria in our gut, helping us lose weight naturally and effectively.

Why Apple

Apples contain the two major compounds – fiber and polyphenols. These compounds remain undigested in our body until they get fermented in our colon. Here they would act as food for all the friendly bacteria, which helps our body overpower the bad bacteria that thrives largely on junk and fast food. Pectin, a substance found in apples is the best known form of soluble fiber considered by many researchers.

Snack up an apple

The nutrient-dense and fiber rich fruit, apple, makes us feel full for longer periods of time, helping us stay away from unwanted binging. Thus, apples are one of the best options to eat to lose weight the healthy way.

Apple the cholesterol buster

Moreover, apples come with the added advantage of the ability to fight cholesterol. Apart from their cholesterol lowering properties, apples are excellent for heart health as they have practically no fat and are very low in sodium.

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