EAT to lose weight!

EAT to lose weight!

Lets face it, most of us struggle with our weight. And we all know that in order to achieve it, we need to cut down on some of your favorite junk food items.

But letting go of those french fries and cheese pizzas , and start eating healthy and clean, is not as easy as it looks. Why? Because most of us perceive healthy food to be boring and bland, lacking the flavour and pleasure junk food gives us. Well, we can help change the way you think!

Tasty can be healthy!

The tastier the meal plan the more chances of you sticking to our weight loss regime. That’s why our Health Total experts will formulate a personalized weight loss plan for you, based on your individual weight loss and health needs

Here are some simple examples of the diet changes that you can include into your daily routine.

Brown bread

You can make your own sandwiches by replacing refined flour breads with whole grain breads. So if you want a cheese sandwich, instead of using white bread, try a brown bread vegetable and cheese toasted sandwich instead!


While having oats is important for good health, some can find it extremely boring. Try having oats in different forms like masala oats, oats dosa or oats upma. You also top a simple bowl of cooked plain oats with some dry fruits to make it extra yummy.


If you hate eating your fruits, try blending them into smoothies. They will be easier to digest, high in nutrition and will also be extremely tasty. And if you want to sweeten it up, add in 1 teaspoon of honey, instead of sugar.


Yogurt is healthy, tasty, and makes agreat low-calorie dessert too! You can also add some in some of your favorite fruits, such as chopped up strawberries or peaches, to help satisfy your sweet-tooth.

Your personalized food plan! 

Apart from following these simple weight loss tips, we believe a personalized food and meal plan is the right way to go! Our health experts can help you with appropriate and healthy recipes as per your food habits and lifestyle. They advise important replacements which are a must, because meal planning is one of the most important steps you can take to reduce calories and shed kilos.

So instead of making boring food choices get yourself on our personalized food plans to  help make your weight loss journey more interesting and effective than ever before!

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