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Presenting Health Total @ Home Program, where we bring a personalized health plan at your Home. Get our customized plans, health kit, weekly follow ups with doctors & nutritionists and much more, all from the comfort of your home.

What is Health Total @ Home?

Health Total has come up with the Health Total @ Home Service service through which we bring our health plans right at your Home. Health Total @ Home Service is one of the best ways take advantage of our natural therapy.

Health Total @ Home members can speak with our expert doctors and nutritionists from the comforts of their dressing room. Based on an initial health evaluation, our experts suggest a custom-designed health plan. Once a member subscribes to our plan, we mail the member our 'Health Total @ Home KIT'. Further, we closely monitor the progress of member.

Become a Health Total @ Home member today and CLICK HERE for leaving your email ID and for requesting a call back to know more about our plans.

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  • Share your current health status, family history, and any other health related issues with our expert doctors and nutritionists over a phone call.
  • Arrive at your ideal health goal with your personalized doctor and nutritionist.
  • Get ready to experience healthy living through natural therapy.

Health Total's Health Total @ Home team includes highly qualified and experienced doctors and nutritionists. Our consultants have custom-designed health plans for numerous members. They are experts at understanding members' health requirements and at judging their current health condition. This coupled with natural therapy helps our team manage health of our members efficiently.

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Healthy living made easy through natural therapy

Benefit through a personalized approach
  • After an initial health assessment, we suggest a custom-designed health plan.
  • We plan your nutritional requirements to help you achieve your desired health goal.
  • You can pay for the plan online or through bank deposit. We will mail the Health Total @ Home kit to the registered address.

Nutrient dense food nourishes our body, makes us experience rejuvenation, and helps our body attain a state of balance.

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Step 3

We constantly endeavor to review your progress regularly

Your health is constantly monitored
  • Members get their progress evaluated by Health Total @ Home experts.
  • Our experts modify or adjust your nutritional plan, if required.
  • Enjoy personalized experience and support right through your plan.
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"Ate everything available in my kitchen, yet lost weight, but not my charm."

Mrs. Sonal Mengar

Homemaker, 37 years