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Success Stories

You may come across many Anjali Mukerjee reviews that show how the lives of people have been transformed. Such Health Total reviews set an inspiration for all.

Due to the changing food patterns and lack of physical activity, nowadays most of the people are turning obese. After seeing these http://www.health-total.com/success-storiese videos of Anjali Mukerjee reviews, you may develop an interest towards a healthy living. The diet plan prescribed by the nutrition experts of Health Total is not so complicated like other diet plans.

Mr. Dinesh Verma

Age: 42, Professional

"Lost the Kilos, found the Bride!"

Mr. Dinesh Varma, a 42-year-old, weighing around 80 kg shares his experience of how he lost weight within a short period. Dinesh recommends this weight loss program to anyone who is looking forward to a healthier, fitter, good looking life, and personality. Dinesh shares how he lost weight with little effort and no compromises. He is grateful to Anjali Mukherjee and her team for giving him smile, pride and belief in himself.

Mrs. Sonal Mengar

Age: 37, Homemaker

"Ate everything available in my kitchen, still lost weight, but not my charm."

Meet Sonal Mengar, a homemaker aged 37, she shares how he lost the charm of her face and hair after practicing dieting. Sonal came to know about Health Total weight loss plans from one of her cousins. She also joined for a weight loss program by Anjali Mukherjee. The diet plan didn't have any restrictions, and Sonal was able to eat everything available in her kitchen. She was able to follow the diet plan without any hassle. Within few weeks, her skin began to glow, and she got complete freedom from her digestion problems. Sonal's husband and kids were also happy to see the change in her.

Mrs. Poonam Donde

Age: 38, Banking Professional

"Finally I can wear my favorite jeans without starving myself!"

Mrs. Poonam Donde, banking professional and mother of two also shares her views in one of these Anjali Mukerjee reviews. She lost about 18 kilos in 24 weeks. Now she can wear any of her favorite trousers, which she couldn’t wear before as she was overweight. Her energy level has also gone up by following the weight loss program of Health Total. She owes Health Total for all the praises that is been showered on her by her friends and relatives.

Mrs. Mangala Deshmukh

Age: 61, Homemaker

"At 61 I can run up the stairs, my children are surprised at my higher energy levels."

The review of Mrs. Mangala Deshmukh, aged 61 years is also an eye opener for all. Mrs. Mangala shares how she lost ten kilos in fourteen weeks. She says it is worthy to join such a place. Her diabetes level, which high before has now come down to normal. Her blood pressure has also reduced to a great extent. She used to take one tablet in a day, which was reduced to half a dose a day after following the program. Mangala feels jubilant after seeing the surprising results, which she got so far. There is another six weeks left for the completion of her program. She feels extremely satisfied as she spends money for a better health. Currently, Mangala is leading a free, healthy life.

The above-mentioned Health Total reviews are just a few of the Anjali Mukherjee diet plan reviews received from thousands of followers worldwide. You can also head to the nearest Health Total center for transforming your life.

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"Nobody likes to diet including me. But Anjali has taught me how to look beyond calories and stay fit"

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