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A diet plan for weight loss that talks about how to lose weight

Helping you transform since 25 Years 

Health Total’s Weight Loss program for Women has been working successfully since the last 25 years and has been making thousands of ladies lose weight happily! We truly do understand that a good & healthy indian diet is the most important part of the solution to losing weight. Additionally, learning how to lose weight naturally is the best and safest way to get you long-lasting results. Moreover, our weight loss tips have never created a sense of discomfort for people. In fact, we promote a healthy indian diet to reduce weight and look good. For the last 25 years, our indian diet plan for weight loss has been bettering and transforming many lives.

A diet plan for weight loss that talks about how to lose weight

How to lose weight with Health Total ?

With our flexible indian diet plan to fit your routine, weight loss has never been so comfortable! Our experts carefully plan and guide you through your indian diet to reduce weight, which gives you a chance to consume real & proper food as well. Health Total’s Weight Loss program can be easily adapted as you get the required coaching to make healthy lifestyle choices that help in maintaining weight even after reaching your goal. Following the weight loss tips provided by our experts will also help you teach your near and dear ones how to lose weight.

A diet plan for weight loss that talks about how to lose weight

How will the indian diet plan for weight loss at Health-Total help you?

Our programs are designed to suit every individual - irrespective of the lifestyle and the physical or mental traits that come along with it. Our weight loss tips have been able to help all those who have sought its assistance. If you have been one of those people with weight issues all your life, then Health Total is sure to put all your troubles to rest and help you learn how to lose weight naturally. What’s more, it successfully helps you lose weight without having to starve yourself, follow a rigorous indian diet plan for weight loss or exercise regimen. You will see the desired results within the first month itself and also know more about how to lose belly fat.

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Once we have taken you through this entire process and you have achieved the desired result, we educate & empower you to maintain the same throughout your life with our Maintenance Plan, which will be provided to you, absolutely FREE

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Anjali Mukerjee - M.D. (A.M) is the Nation's leading Health and Nutrion Expert. With more than 25 years experience,Anjali Mukerjee has sucessfully consulted more than 4,00,000 clients an guided them in their journey to losing weight the healthy way. Read More >>


"Nobody likes to diet including me. But Anjali has taught me how to look beyond calories and stay fit"

Shiamak Davar

Choreographer, Age 51 Years


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Disclaimer. * Clients following our programs, on average, lose 1-2kg per week. Restrictions apply. Results may vary from person to person.