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Company Overview

Over the years, the wellness and slimming industry in India has witnessed a remarkable growth and transformation, probably due to changes, in the lifestyles of the urban middle class. Health Total has been an integral part of the country's booming wellness sector since 1997, when our company was formed with the specific mandate to restore health, using food as its medicine.

Since 2005, we have extended our vision to looking after the diverse needs related to Nutrition and Health management. We introduced programs other than slimming such as cholesterol buster, diabetes management, detoxification, blood pressure management, ‘fit at forty’, menopause management, and so on and so forth.

Our plans are designed to help you manage weight and other related disorders, by creating a healthy relationship with food. The ability to provide customized yet easy-to-adapt solutions, without going hungry and keeping in mind the consumer’s needs, is one of our key differentiators. This is achieved by staying abreast with the rapid changes in this dynamic industry. Our solutions are unique, and based on a 4-step process: Detoxification, Rejuvenation, Nourishment and Maintenance, which not only helps you lose weight now, but also maintain it throughout your life.

Over the 18 years since its establishment, Anjali Mukerjee Health Total has expanded to becoming the only Indian wellness and nutrition company to have over 60 centres across Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Pune, Indore & Nasik. Each component of the Nutrition & Health Management Program has also progressed, generating a satisfied client base of over 5 lakh people, thus making us one of the leading weight management companies in India.

Our association as a nutrition & diet consultant with Miss India’s 1998-2003, is proof of the well-researched scientific techniques, that we infuse into our food plans. We have a dedicated team of accredited experts in the field of Nutrition, Ayurveda & Homeopathy, who combine their expertise to ensure effective strategies for long term weight loss and a healthy lifestyle change.

With a satisfying growth in the domestic markets, the company is eyeing international markets for further expansion.

Health Total is committed to being a good corporate client in India. By providing reliable, cost-effective & advanced nutrition based solutions to treat obesity & other related health disorders, we strive to make a positive and sustainable impact on the society, community and individual health.


Mr. Saurabh Mukerjee

Saurabh Mukerjee, the visionary behind the brand Health Total, cherished the dream of making a significant contribution towards the creation of a healthy society. His firm resolution to make a difference is what acted as the propelling force to bring Health Total to the forefront in the corporate sector.

He conceptualized Health Total as an organization where ‘good health comes from’. Recalling the origin of Health Total, Saurabh Mukerjee says “Anjali Mukerjee had been practicing as a nutritionist for 16 years. In 1996, I realized the increasing influx of patients at her clinic, which made it difficult to give personal attention to all”. Hence, Health Total centers were set up to institutionalize the concept of alternative lifestyle to cater to more people with personalized attention.

Thus, while his wife Anjali Mukerjee used her knowledge and experience as a nutritionist to prepare various weight loss and other health programs, Saurabh Mukerjee took over the job of establishing and marketing Health Total as a category leader owning a chain of weight loss and health clinics.

Saurabh Mukerjee’s firm resolution to make a difference is what acted as the propelling force to bring Health Total to the forefront in the corporate healthcare sector.

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Anjali Mukerjee


"I want to devote my life to help people regain their health and well-being through natural means. For this, I have developed health programs which offer people an opportunity to improve their health. This gives meaning and purpose to my life."


ANJALI MUKERJEE M.D. (A.M) Nutritionist, Researcher, Columnist, Author, Founder and Director - Health Total, is India's leading Nutritionist and today, a name synonymous with Health and Nutrition.

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Management Team

Saurabh Mukerjee

Saurabh Mukerjee

Chairman & Managing Director...
Anjali Mukerjee

Anjali Mukerjee

Founder and Director...
Anchal Morwani

Anchal Morwani

Manager- Service & Operations...
Anil Chadndanani

Anil Chadndanani

Sandeep D. Rajurkar

Sandeep D. Rajurkar

Vice President-Operations...
Manjari Poddar

Manjari Poddar

National Head - Quality & Training...
Sunil Pawar

Sunil Pawar

Lead - IT...
Dr. Yogesh Prabhu

Dr. Yogesh Prabhu

Head - Ayurveda...


Anjali Mukerjee Health Total is recognized as leading Indian brand providingweight & related disorders management services, currently operating through 50 centres in five major cities. We will be opening more centers across national & international locations.

Health Total is renowned for its incredible achievements in lifestyle change, health improvement, weight loss, maintenance and transformation.

A team of expert Nutritionists, Ayurveda experts & Homeopaths ensure complete wellness of an individual from within.

We offer customized programs that include one-on-one personal consultations. We have a very strong online presence and offer our services through online consultation. Also self- starter kits are available on various ecommerce platforms.

The awards and recognition that we have received from various quarters over the last few years bear is testimony to our commitment towards a healthier India.

2016: Anjali Mukerjee received the Outstanding Women Leadership Achievement Award at the World Women Leadership Awards on Feb 17, 2016.

2014: India's Most Promising & Valuable Nutrition & Wellness Company in Diet & Nutritional Counseling

2010: "India's Best Nutrition and Neutraceuticals Company of the Year 2010" by His Excellency Governor, Maharashtra State, Shri K. Sankaranarayanan and President of FDA, Maharashtra State, ShriManohar Naik at the 3rd Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership awards involving Indian and Global Pharma companies.

Asia week - A leading international magazine featured us as one of "Asia's Leading campaigners of Health"

Received numerous awards like 'Women Achievers' Award, 'IJM' Award, 'Bharat Nirman' Award and recently 'Pantene Shine' Award for her outstanding contribution in the field of health and nutrition.


Independent Consultant to "Soremartec Italia" makers of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, Tic Tac breath mints and Nutella hazel nut spread for her opinions, expertise and advice on nutrition.

Member of the "Brooke Bond Tea Council" - a body formed to promote the health benefits of tea by Hindustan Unilever India's largest FMCG Company.

Official Nutritionist" to the Femina Miss India pageant contestants for consecutively for 8 years (1997 2004). The food plans for Miss Universe Lara Dutta, Miss World Priyanka Chopra, Miss India Gul Panag, Neha Dhupia, and many others were designed and sponsored by HEALTH TOTAL. has invited Mukerjee to write articles for their fitness section. Regular blogs on Big Adda India's most popular blogging site, carrying articles about Indian celebrities

Press Release
News & events
  • Khar Gymkhana honors Anjali Mukerjee with “Living Legend” award

    Anjali Mukerjee, India’s leading nutritionist, spoke at the Khar Gymkhana event on July 9, 2017. There, the gymkhana trustees honored her with “Living Legend” award.

    Anjali Mukerjee, a pioneer in the field of nutrition, and founder-director of Health Total has a vast experience of more than three decades. Hence, it does not come as a surprise that she was the first choice as a speaker at Khar Gymkhana. The event was organized and managed by Mr. Prem Asrani, a senior-most trustee of Khar Gymkhana. He said, “This is the first time that Anjali Mukerjee, a chief nutritionist not only in India but also in Asia, has come to Khar Gymkhana to address the members. We want to welcome her and recognize her by giving her the Living Legend award. We wish her all the best and more success in life.”

    Scores of members, young and old alike, were present on a lovely Sunday morning. The event started off with Mr. Asrani welcoming Anjali Mukerjee with a bouquet. He then introduced the other senior trustees of the gymkhana to the audience, who felicitated the management team of Health Total. This was followed by a spiritual prayer recited by one of the woman members of the gymkhana.

    Then the stage was taken over by Anjali Mukerjee, who first spoke on her favorite subject, which is Nutrigenomics and gene testing. She then spoke in-depth on obesity and how it can lead to multiple health disorders. She also touched upon the subject of metabolic syndrome.

    One valid point that Anjali Mukerjee made in her address was how our lifestyle is a major cause of our health problems. She said, “It’s 90 percent of our lifestyle and 10 percent of our gene or DNA that causes health diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart ailments, cholesterol, and weak immunity. What you eat truly affects your body.”

    Anjali Mukerjee emphasized on how at Health Total we use natural means and Ayurvedic herbs to treat patients suffering high blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss, menopause management, and more. She said for a healthy and fitter body, it is essential to incorporate sulfur-rich foods such as ginger, garlic, onion, cauliflower, cabbage, and eggs. These foods help to detoxify our body. And avoid bad foods such as sugar, lactose, and fried foods. Bad foods are toxins for the body and switch on our bad genes.

    “Consuming medicines will only shut the problem for a short period of time; they don’t solve the problem from the root,” Anjali Mukerjee said. To eliminate toxins and chemicals from our body, she shared a daily diet plan with the gymkhana members. This included: 3 cups of leafy vegetables, 3 cups of colored vegetables and lastly 3 cups of sulfur-rich foods.

    When one of the audience members raised a query on pesticides in almost all green vegetables, Anjali Mukerjee recommended washing them in hot water or salt water at least two times, Blanching (scalding vegetables in boiling water or steam for a short time for 30 seconds), cooking and dehydrating. This removes all the pesticides on the vegetables.

    While addressing the issue of “Obesity and Weight Loss”, Anjali Mukerjee said one must focus on eating small portions of the meal. She explained how at Health Total, the detox and weight loss plans have helped people lose weight in a span for 4 to 6 months. “At Health Total, we use an integrated approach, which not only helps our patients lose weight, but it also benefits their overall health,” Anjali Mukerjee said.

    Lastly, she said how today sitting for hours is as harmful as smoking. In the almost two-hour session, Anjali Mukerjee also gave tips on one can lead a healthy and fitter life. Towards the end of the event, the floor was open for a quick Question & Answer. The enthusiastic members of the Khar Gymkhana raised their concerns on various subjects.

    One of the most discussed subjects during the round was “Is milk good for health?” During her address, she said how cow’s milk contains A2 protein, which is harmful. In fact, she said any dairy product made from cow’s milk should be avoided because of the presence of A2 protein. “Anything to do with cow milk will cause inflammation,” she added. She suggested goat milk as it is lighter, contains less fat and is chemical-free. One can also drink branding of milk containing A1 protein.

    One member wanted to know if she can consume soy milk. To this, she said, “Yes. It is safe.” Another wanted to know her views on organic foods. “I won’t recommend it. However, if it suits your body, you can consume it.”

    Other questions raised during the question and answer round included: “Should fruits be eaten after a meal”, “What is the cause of cramps”, “Is apple cider good for our health”, What is good: fresh fruit juice or packaged juice or just fruits”, “Is rice good for health”, and “Is there any connection between anxiety and food”.

    Anjali Mukerjee addressed every query and also suggested alternatives to it. In the end, she expressed her happiness by saying, “One of my passions in life is to create health awareness. I want to thank Mr. Prem Asrani for giving me this opportunity to be able to interact with these wonderful people at the Khar Gym. I thoroughly enjoyed; the audience was fantastic and what lovely questions they asked. They were so eager for more information and that’s what excites me. I am happy I was able to come here and talk to them.”

    According to Anjali Mukerjee, food and nutrition are the most important factors for a healthy lifestyle. This thought led her to write a book, “Healing With Food”, which is a great insight into food and nutrition. Through this book, she has taken the subject to the next level and inspired many to follow it as well.

    Anjali Mukerjee received Living Legend award from Khar Gymkhana trustees


Anjali Mukerjee Health Total Pvt Ltd was incorporated in 1997 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Saurabh Mukerjee, taking heed from a growing awareness for nutrition & wellness programs in the country. The programs are based on a scientific technique for a holistic, long-term & safe management of weight & related disorders. The programs are designed by Anjali Mukerjee and anin-house team of experts associated with us.

Since then we have been a leading catalyst in the country’s growing wellness sector. Each of our client's personalized plan reflects the latest research on nutrition and lifestyle change for effective weight & health management.

2015 : Launched 20 centres in New Delhi

2014 :Expanded through adding more centers- 22 in Mumbai,11 in Bangalore,6 in Pune &1 in Indore

2013 :Extended a new Homeopathy division. Launches its new centers in Pune

2010 : Developed in-house ERP systems to acquire new clients, maximize ROI, In line with the current consumer trends, he has even initiated internet and mobile marketing activities through the website, SEO, SEM, SMM, Text-based marketing, e-mailers etc.

2009 : Initiated customer relationship management (CRM) through dedicated software application

2008: Added few more centres taking the total to 15 centers

2007 : Started expanding with more centres in Mumbai

2006 : Launched "Do-At-Home" program and set up a separate team which consults clients over the phone/on mail.

2005 : Introduced programs other than slimming, e.g. cholesterol buster, diabetes management, fit at forty, menopause management, etc.

2003 : Consultant for 8 years from 1996 - 2003 to Femina Miss India contestants on diet advisory & providing healthy snacking foods from their range.

2002 : Opened a total of 6 centers in Mumbai.

2001 : Collaborated with renowned academic Prof Y K Bhushan, of Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies to help formulate long term strategies.

2000 : 0pened 4 health centers in Mumbai.

1999 : Ran brand campaigns, their poster being a finalist at Cannes, France.

1998 : Brought in a second line of nutritionists and herbalists to reach out to a wider client base under the ‘Anjali Mukerjee’ method.

1997 : Created the brand Anjali Mukerjee Health Total for diet plans


At Anjali Mukerjee Health Total, we believe in using food as medicine. When this is combined with Ayurveda, food supplements, mild exercise and lifestyle changes, it can restore health, reduce dependency on drugs enhance energy levels and maintains good health.


To be the leading player in nutritional counseling across India and the globe