Health Total by Anjali Mukerjee Expands its Reach to Mahua, Gujarat: Empowering people’s personal health

Health Total by Anjali Mukerjee, India’s leading integrated health and nutrition company, will open its newest center in Mahua, Bhavnagar District, Gujarat on 6th August, 2023. This expansion comes at a crucial time when there is a growing concern about lifestyle-related health issues in the region and across the nation.

Gujaratis, renowned for their love of food and the distinctive habit of adding sugar to various culinary delights, are now facing an alarming health crisis. Recent data from the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) reveals startling statistics of skyrocketing diabetes cases in the state. Among women in Gujarat, the prevalence stands at a staggering 14.8 per cent, while for men, it reaches 16.1 per cent. One of the major reasons for diabetes is obesity, and currently, 7 out of 10 adults and 4 out of 11 children are obese in India. The scenario in Gujarat is even worse, making weight gain a significant health issue for Gujaratis.

In response to the mounting health concerns and the need for effective solutions, Health Total by Anjali Mukerjee is dedicated to empowering individuals in Gujarat to take charge of their health and lead fulfilling lives. The new center in Mahua, Bhavnagar District, Gujarat, will offer the expertise and experience of Health Total’s renowned founder, Anjali Mukerjee, who is India’s leading celebrity nutritionist committed to enhancing well-being through her holistic approach to health.

Health Total’s integrated health programs are designed to address and solve health issues effectively. By combining traditional wisdom with modern scientific principles, Health Total provides personalized guidance to individuals, helping them make sustainable lifestyle changes that have a lasting impact on their health.

Obesity, diabetes, and thyroid disorders are pressing health concerns that require immediate attention and lifestyle modifications. Health Total’s approach aims to tackle these issues from the root cause, empowering people to achieve their health goals and lead healthier lives. These effective and easy-to-adopt health programs are designed by Anjali Mukerjee herself who believes, good nutrition has a powerful impact on a person’s health and is the number one integrative medicinal tool.


Ananta Health Total, inspired by the transformative programs offered by Health Total, has taken the initiative to spread the goodness of health in their town. They have become the official Franchise Partner of the new center in Mahua, Bhavnagar District, Gujarat. The center is located in the Kuber Baug area and will be opened on the 6th August, 2023.

To visit the new Health Total Center in Mahuva, call 9724758990. You can also book a Free Consultation online or chat with  chat with our experts


July 31, 2023