Spice it up for a glowing skin

Published Date: Wednesday, 31st August 2016 | Updated Date: Saturday, 3rd September 2016
Spice it up for a glowing skin

We all have to pay the price of living rushed and interesting lives. Your body gets diseased and your skin gets wrinkled if you don’t take care of it. Beautiful skin is an inside job. Have you ever seen an unhealthy person with a radiant glow? Your skin may appreciate some creams, gels and lotions. However, it will suffer from damage if you don’t get enough sleep, if you smoke, drink too much alcohol, if you don’t take antioxidants (like A, C, E), if you eat too many chocolates, too much junk, too much non veg, etc.


When the skin is not renewing itself regularly and not receiving, enough blood and nutrients, it can become dry, dull, thick and lack that translucent glow. There is a deep link between skin care and the diet we eat. Everything we eat becomes a part of our inner being and outer body.


Your skin can be better protected by adding the right foods and right spices in your everyday meals. We all use spices in food to add flavors and enhance taste. Many of these spices are powerful antioxidants and can revive skin due to their natural healing abilities. Including spices in diet and applying them topically helps to maintain skin health.

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