Diabetes and smoking have a very close link. Here are 7 simple and effective ways to quit smoking, which will help you manage diabetes much better while becoming healthier.

Juice it up

Drink plenty of fluids such as fruit and vegetable juices or warm water throughout the day to help cleanse the body while providing antioxidants to reduce free radical irritation during the detox period.

Eat Salads and Raw Vegetables

Munch on carrot sticks, cucumber strips, radish, and plenty of raw vegetables as oral substitutes to deal with the psychological ties to smoking. They are sure to suppress your desire to smoke.

Keep yourself Busy at Work or Home

Stay busy to prevent boredom and to keep your mind off smoking. Indulge in activities and explore interesting hobbies that would keep you occupied during your free time and let you stay away from the thought of smoking.

Get a Friend to Quit Smoking

Get another smoker to stop smoking with you so that you can discuss common problems and get each other’s support. This will further motivate you and stop you from getting back to your smoking habits.

Go for a Spa, Steam or Sauna

Indulge in health treatments such as a massage, sauna, steam, or teeth cleansing to remove cigarette stains. This will inculcate a feel-good factor in you and also help to remove all the traces of smoking from your mind.

Fight that Smoking Urge

If the urge to smoke arises, take a brisk walk, drink tea, exercise, go for a swim or just practice breathing & relaxation techniques, smile (even if you don’t feel like) and be thankful that you are not smoking.

Become Target-oriented and Stay Motivated

Motivate yourself towards your target. Read up on what else you could to motivate yourself to achieve your target. And once you have achieved it, don’t forget to reward yourself and make yourself feel better.

August 12, 2016

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