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Good & Worst Fruits for Diabetics

Good & Worst Fruits for Diabetics

Diabetes is a chronic disorder which occurs when the pancreas does not secrete enough insulin or when the cells of the body become resistant to insulin. In either case, the blood sugar cannot get into the cells for storage, which eventually leads to serious complications. There are some diabetes foods that have been shown to produce positive effects on blood sugar control. When it comes to diabetics eating fruits, there is a lot of confusion.

Want to know what fruits are good for diabetics? While a diabetic person can enjoy the same meal as his family, including fruits, he needs to remember that moderation is the key to managing blood sugar levels.

What Fruits are Good for Diabetics?

what fruits are good for diabetics


They contain the richest combinations of antioxidants compared to other fruits. Eating pomegranates means protecting yourself from chronic diseases.


Whether you love blueberries, strawberries, or any other type of berry, go ahead and indulge. Berries are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. Three-quarters of a cup of fresh blueberries pack 62 calories and 16 grams of carbohydrates.

fruits good for diabeticsTart cherries

One cup of tart cherries has 78 calories and 19 grams of carbs. Also, they may be good at fighting inflammation. Tart cherries are full of antioxidants that help fight heart disease and cancer.


Diabetics should feel free to eat an apple, which has 77 calories and 21 grams carbs. Apples are rich in fibre and a good source of vitamin C. In fact, apples along with blueberries and grapes are beneficial for reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.


When it comes to glucose metabolism, citrus fruits not only slow glucose update but also inhibit the movement or transport of glucose through the intestines and liver.

good fruits for diabeticsApricots

One apricot has 17 calories and 4 grams of carbohydrates. Four fresh apricots equal one serving and provide more than 50% of your daily Vitamin A requirement.


Natural antioxidants within papaya make it a great choice for diabetics. Those suffering from diabetes are prone to many ailments caused by irregular blood sugar levels. Hence, papaya makes it to the list of what fruits are good for diabetics.


watermelon juiceThe high potassium content makes watermelon to the list of what fruits are good for diabetics. Watermelon helps the kidneys to function properly, which in turn keeps the blood uric acid levels on the lower side. This prevents kidney damage, especially if you are a diabetic. Also, diabetes can cause nerve damage, but lycopene found in watermelon helps reduce the effect.


Pears are an excellent source of fibre as well as vitamin K. So, they should be part of what fruits are good for diabetics.

Worst fruits for diabetics

Fruits are high in natural sugars. Therefore, you need to restrict your fruit intake to no more than 2-3 fruits a day. Now that you know which fruits are safe to consume, let’s talk about the fruits you need to avoid. Here is a list of the worst fruits for diabetics.

worst fruits for diabetics


The amount of starch and sugar content present in a banana depends upon the ripeness of the banana. Therefore, a large ripe banana can contain a large amount of starch and sugar, making it one of the worst fruits for diabetics to consume.


These juicy fruits are refreshing and high in calcium. However, lychees also have a high sugar content, making them a dangerous fruit for diabetics to consume.


One single cup of figs can contain anything around 27 grams of sugar, that is almost equivalent to a medium-sized candy bar.


Mangoes are a sweet and delicious summer fruit. However, mangoes have a high GI index and are not recommended for consumption by diabetics.

worst fruits for diabetes patient


While jackfruits do have a low to medium GI index, eating too many portions of jackfruits can cause dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels.

The above-mentioned fruits re the worst fruits for diabetics because have a high glycemic index. Consumption of these fruits can cause dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels and lead to serious health complications.

Now, remember, before incorporating any major changes into your diet, please consult your doctor or dietician! To get a personalised diet plan for diabetics, speak to Health Total experts. Call 18002660607 and book an appointment with our experts.

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