The blood circulating in the blood vessels exerts a force on the wall of the vessel. If your arteries are narrow and rigid, there will be more pressure exerted on them by the pumping action of the heart. When the pressure is too high, it negatively impacts your health. High blood pressure can have symptoms such as a headache, giddiness, and nose bleeds.

People vulnerable to high BP

  • Those who are overweight.
  • Those who are above 45 years of age.
  • Those having a family history of hypertension.
  • Those who smoke, drink, or consume excess amount of caffeine.
  • Those who have an inactive or sedentary lifestyle.
  • Those undergoing a lot of tension and stress.
  • Those who don’t eat vegetables and fruits (Potassium rich foods).
  • Those who eat too much salt, fried food and sweet.

 BP management is important

High Blood Pressure can be termed as the bane of modernization because in the primitive cultures blood pressure was practically unknown. This disease, harassing thousands today, is a result of a destructive lifestyle, smoking, obesity, alcohol intake, insulin resistance and stress. A disease that reflects your heart health and it can be fatal too. It has three major consequences – stroke, heart attack or kidney damage. Therefore, keeping your blood pressure normal is unquestionably important.

August 30, 2016

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