While some people may require medication to keep their blood pressure under control most of them can control it with proper diet intake, weight loss, vitamin supplements, and stress management. Eating your way out of high blood pressure should be your number one choice for managing it. To keep heart attacks and strokes at bay, your blood pressure should be maintained at 120/80 and not be in excess of 140/90.
Are you stress sensitive?
If a stress sensitive person is exposed to stressful conditions over a prolonged period of time, their blood vessels get constricted as a response to stress. This constriction causes the blood pressure to rise.
Here are two ways to combat stress:

  1. Chilling out matters

One of the easiest ways to combat mental stress is to meditate, go on a vacation, take some time out for yoga or meditation or simply relax.

  1. Pranayama helps

Pranayama or simple breathing exercises can also help you lower your blood pressure, calm a racing heart and also improve digestion. Breathing has a direct connection to emotional states and moods. If you voluntarily breathe slowly, deeply and regularly, you will prevent a rise in blood pressure. While practicing breathing, try not to pay attention to your thoughts because that is the root cause of your anxiety. By shifting your focus on breathing, you will be able to relax naturally. You can repeat this exercise several times a day in a sitting or lying down position whenever you face a stressful situation. It will help you calm down instantly.

August 30, 2016

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