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Asthma refers to a chronic long-term lung disease that leads to inflammation and narrowing of the airways. A person suffering from Asthma goes through regular wheezing (just like whistling sound when one breathes), tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, and coughing. Read More


Allergic bronchitis is a condition where a person suffers from severe allergies, which lead to a bronchial immune system reaction. Bronchitis generally occurs when there is an inflammation of the windpipe and airways that happens within the lungs. Allergic bronchitis will often attack you owing to seasonal allergies. Read More


Sinuses are hollow air spaces within the bones around the area of the nose. When these sinuses get blocked due to the formation of bacteria or mucus, they get inflamed and cause infection and pain. This pain refers to sinusitis. It usually starts with inflammation triggered by cold, allergy attack or irritant. Read More


Allergic Rhinitis or nasal allergy is commonly referred as hay fever. It results in a type of inflammation in your nose that occurs when the immunity system has absorbed too much of allergens. Some of the most common forms of allergens include dust, pollen grains, cockroaches, cigarette smoke, pests and perfume. Read More

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