Fish in Green Masala

Fish in Green Masala recipe is simple, easy to prepare and extremely nourishing at the same time. It contains the best mix of disease-fighting and anti-ageing nutrients. What’s more, it is heart-friendly since fish contains Omega-3 fatty acid, and the greens, of course, are rich in iron, calcium, vitamin C, and soluble fibre.

Tomato and Spinach Soup

Do you often feel hungry in the evenings? If yes, then drink one or two bowls of hot soup to satisfy your hunger. Include Tomato and Spinach Soup – it’s easy-to-make, provides vitamins and minerals, and what’s more, it is low in calories!

Stomach Ease Juice

Rich in health and in colour, this yummy juice is easy to make and is great for your overall health. It is especially effective in dealing with indigestion. Have this Stomach Ease Juice twice a day to get relief from constipation.


Pancakes have always been our favourite but they are surely not a healthy option. So let’s give a twist to your pancakes by making it super-healthy
& yet delicious to eat!

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