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Factors Leading To Back Pain

  • Pregnancy: Pregnant women are much more likely to suffer from back pain
  • A sedentary lifestyle: A sedentary lifestyle makes you highly vulnerable to back pain. Lack of exercise makes you develop belly fat, which not only increases your weight, but also puts additional pressure on your lower back.
  • Age is a factor: Older adults are highly susceptible to developing back pain compared with the younger generation or children.
  • Anxiety and depression: Stress, anxiety, and depression have a very potent impact on your back.
  • Obesity/overweight: If you are overweight, you should not be too surprised if you are suffering from back pain. After all, our excess weight tends to accumulate around the belly region, which puts increased pressure on our back.
  • Smoking: Smoking could also be one of the reasons for back pain.
  • Strenuous physical exercise (especially if not done properly): We all love a hard exercise session, but we often tend to forget one simple thing. Exercise done the proper way matters much more than doing it strenuously in the wrong way. This can lead to back pain.
  • Strenuous physical work: If your work involves a lot of physical activity such as bending, walking, standing, and doing many other body movements, you are vulnerable to back pain. If you don’t sit in a proper posture at work and ignore all the basic things that help avoid impact on your back, you’re making yourself vulnerable to back pain.