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Causes of Joint Pain

A joint is a point in a human body or an animal body at which two parts of the skeleton connect. They facilitate movement of the various body parts. The main joints in the body are:

1. Shoulder
2. Elbow
3. Wrist
4. Finger
5. Hip
6. Knee
7. Ankle
8. Feet

Joint pain can occur due to a variety of reasons, which can be classified into two main categories – joint pain due to lifestyle and joint pain due to medical reasons. If not managed in time, joint pain causes extreme discomfort and restricts body movement.

5 Lifestyle Joint Pain Causes are:  

1. Sedentary lifestyle: A sedentary lifestyle weakens the bones, ligaments and cartilages. It also weakens the body’s capacity to undertake strenuous activities and movements.

2. Obesity: Excess weight causes a strain on the knee as well as ankle joints. Being overweight can also lead to wear and tear of the joints, thus weakening the cartilages. Want to lose weight? Try these weight loss foods!

3. Incorrect posture: This adds additional stress on the bones and muscles, leading to osteoarthritis.

4. Accessories: Yes, you read it right. Certain accessories can harm your bone health. For example, high heels add strain on the knees and ankle joints. Similarly, heavy handbags and backpacks can add strain on the shoulder joints, and a heavy wallet in the back pocket can cause discomfort in the spine and legs. Regular use of these accessories can damage the bones, muscles and cartilages, leading to joint pain.

5. Poor diet: Eating unhealthy food or skipping meals weakens the immune system. A weak immune system is susceptible to various illnesses, including inflammation, and weak muscles and bones. This apart, there are certain foods that may cause joint pain or aggravate it. If you are suffering from pain in joints, avoid refined carbs, red meat, alcohol, excess sugar and salt, processed foods and fried foods.

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4 Medical Reasons for Joint Pain: 

1. Injuries and accidents: Injuries, fractures, sprains, joint twists, strains and accidents can also add stress on the joints, resulting in pain or discomfort.

2. Prolonged illness: Being bedridden for a prolonged period due to some medical reason tends to weaken the body and may cause stiffness, pain or discomfort in the joints.

3. Arthritis: Arthritis is an old-age disease, but it can also affect the young as well as children. It is the result of an inflammation in one or more joints. There are different types of arthritis resulting from different medical issues. Arthritis causes joint pain. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and infectious arthritis are the common types of arthritis.

4. Gout: Excess protein consumption increases the level of uric acid in the body. If the surplus uric acid can’t be excreted from the body, then it will cause inflammation. This condition is known as gout, which may cause extreme joint pain. Click here to know how to keep gout at bay

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