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The Health Total Plan for Joint Pain

When you live with chronic pain, the only person who can know how much it hurts is you. Pain can be hard to describe because it’s both invisible and personal. However, silently bearing the pain can take a toll on your emotional health, at times leading to depression. Here is the Health Total plan for joint pain –

  • Food plan
  • Herbal formulation
  • Exercise plan

Food plan

An anti-inflammatory diet must be taken to reduce the present rate of inflammation in the body. This diet includes flaxseed, walnuts and vitamin E-rich foods, as they ease the pain in the joints.

We recommend flaxseed, black til and walnuts as part of the Health Total plan for joint pain because all of them have natural anti-inflammatory properties, making these foods beneficial for those suffering from arthritis. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in flaxseed is used by the body helps reduce inflammation. You can use flaxseed in baking, cereals or salads, shakes and soups.

Black til or sesame seeds are packed with copper and help in reducing swelling in the joints. Sesame seeds are effective in managing knee osteoarthritis. Walnuts are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that help fight inflammation. Similarly, cashews are good for arthritis, thanks to their high copper and magnesium content.

Besides these, increase intake of calcium, leafy vegetables, chana dal and soya products, as they are rich in proteins. Juices such as wheatgrass, mint and coriander juice, and aloe vera are also good for the joints.

Avoid sugar, refined foods like maida, lactose and gluten as they can aggravate inflammation in the body.

Herbal plan

The herbs used as part of the Health Total plan for joint pain are Ayurvedic herbal extract preparations, which have Tikta Rasa, Ushna Virya, Madhura and Katu Vipaka. So, they act on both – the vata (dosha) and asthi (bones).

These herbs improve your overall health and at the same time strengthen the joints. This apart, the herbs used in the pain management plan help in weight loss and better management of osteoarthritis. The herbs have vitamin D, which plays an important role in utilising calcium and phosphorous in blood and help in building bones.

Exercise plan

Some form of exercise is crucial if you have arthritis but knowing how much to exercise when you’re in pain is tricky. Speak to Health Total experts to get a personalised pain management plan. Call our toll-free 1800 266 0607 and book an appointment with our experts!