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What is Knee Pain?

Knee pain is one of the most common type of joint pain. While it can affect anyone, those who have excess weight or lead a sedentary lifestyle, tend to be more susceptible to it. Accidents, injuries, illnesses where one has been bedridden for a long time, or complications due to other medical conditions, are some of the common knee pain causes. It restricts a person’s capability to move round freely and if the pain becomes chronic, one may even have to undergo knee surgery.

Depending on the reason for its occurrence, knee pain can be classified into the following three categories:

CategoryReasons for knee pain
ChronicOsteoarthritis, Bursitis and Tendinitis
AcuteTorn ligaments and broken knee bone
Medical conditionArthritis, other infections

Some of the common knee pain causes are:

1. Weak, stiff, and inflexible muscles & bones
Weak muscles and bones lack the strength to carry the body’s weight. Even people who are not overweight, but have weak bones or muscles, might suffer from joint pain. Similarly, stiff joints and inflexible muscles also can result in pain in the knee or other joints. This is one of the reasons why it is important to build a healthy and fit body.

2. Obesity
Excess weight gain increases the pressure on the knee joints. It adds strain on the joints even while standing up after sitting for a prolonged period, walking, bending the knees, and using stairs. Obesity is one of the most common knee pain causes.

3. Sprains and twists
Severe cases of sprains or twists result in knee pain.

4. Strenuous physical activities & sports
Undertaking strenuous physical activity or participating in certain sports may injure or add strain on the joints.  But, this is not a reason to avoid sports! What you can do to reduce or manage injuries or joint pain is eating a healthy diet, taking adequate rest, and practising under the guidance of a coach.

5. Dislocated knee cap
The knee cap can get dislocated due to a fall, bumps to the knee or accidents. If not treated, it can cause knee pain.

6. Wearing heels or uncomfortable footwear
Regular use of heels or wearing uncomfortable footwear can add stress on the knee and ankle joints, causing pain.

Symptoms of knee pain:

Some of the commonly experienced symptoms of knee pain are:

  • Swelling and redness around the knee
  • Experiencing weakness or imbalance in the knee when standing up or walking
  • Feeling pain or experiencing discomfort when bending or straightening the knee
  • Hearing a cracking sound when moving the knee
  • Feeling stiffness

Remedies for managing knee pain:

1. Lose Weight
This will help reduce the strain on the knee joints, which in turn will provide relief from knee pain.

2. Wear comfortable footwear
Wear flats and minimise use of high heels to reduce the strain on the knee joints.

3. Walk on a smooth surface
Walking on uneven or hilly surfaces adds additional strain on the knees. If you are suffering from knee pain, it is advisable to avoid such surfaces.

4. Take rest & precaution
If you suffer from knee pain, get adequate rest. Check with your doctor about what you can do and should avoid, to reduce and manage knee pain.

5. Go for regular check ups
Regular check-ups will ensure that your knee is getting the required medical attention and treatment.

6. Surgery
In case your knee pain is severe or becomes unbearable, you may have to seek medical counsel for a surgery.

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