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What is Knee Pain?

Knee pain is one of the most common bodies pain that people, especially at an older age, suffer from. However, those that suffer from excess weight also complain about frequent knee pain as well. Knee pain arises from acute injury or complications due to medical conditions.

Those suffering from knee pain are prone to a lot of physical restrictions. At times, it might also require a person to undergo surgery or other interventions. There are three different reasons for knee pain, which includes:

  1. Chronic: this includes osteoarthritis, bursitis and tendinitis
  2. Acute: this includes torn ligament or broken knee bone
  3. Medical condition: this includes arthritis or any other infection

Acupuncture proves to be of great relief for those suffering from knee pain, however, in case of severe issues people also have to undergo total knee replacement or partial knee replacement in order to get rid of this pain.

The best way to avoid knee pain is to first get your weight under control. In case of those suffering from medical conditions, should take precautions like walking on a smooth surface, wear comfortable shoes and should go for regular check-ups.

There are numerous factors that may increase your chances of having knee problems, this includes:

  • Excess weight- Being obese or weighty intensifies pressure on your knee joints, even when you perform regular activities such as walking or climbing stairs up and down. This could also put you under increased chances of osteoarthritis.
  • Lack of flexibility in your muscles- In case, your muscles lack strength and flexibility, you are sure to suffer from knee injuries. Muscles that are weak or too tight offer less support to your knees since they are unable to absorb enough stress put on the joint.
  • Sports activities- Some sports are capable of exerting tremendous stress on your knees like basketball, continuous pounding your knees when your jog, may increase the chances of knee injury.
  • Prior injuries- If you are suffering from a previous knee injury, chances are you may suffer from knee pain in future as well.