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Symptoms of Joint Pain

Did you know that persistent pain and stiffness in your knees, back, hips or elbows could be arthritis symptom? Pain in the joints is the symptom of arthritis and it could be caused by mostly an injury or a sprain.

Other reasons such as bursitis, tendinitis and septic arthritis are also some of the symptoms of joint pain. Pain in the back, neck and swelling in the joints are also some joint pain symptoms. Arthritis can be separated into two types inflammatory, such as rheumatoid arthritis, and mechanical, such as osteoarthritis.

joint pain symptomsHere’s a list of some of the most common joint pain symptoms:

  • Redness of the joints
  • Swelling of the joints
  • Tenderness of the joints
  • Joint warmth is also one of the symptoms
  • Limping while walking
  • The feeling of locking of your joints
  • When the joints lose the range of motion
  • Stiffness of the joints
  • Weakness of the joints or muscles
  • Pain during physical activities or while standing or climbing stairs
  • Losing weight or loss of appetite

If you are suffering from any of the above joint pain symptoms, it is time to see a doctor. Maintain a diary of how you feel every day and rate the pain at different times and while doing different activities. In case you’re suffering from any other joint pain symptom such as rashes on the skin or anxiety and depression, inform your doctor about it. Moreover, it’s time to lose weight.

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