Children future is in their genes

Your Child’s Future is in their Genes!

  • Do milk and milk products suit your child?
  • Is lack of concentration in studies a problem?
  • Want to prevent risk of diabetes and heart disease when your child grows up?
  • How can you ensure better bone health?
  • Is your daughter showing symptoms of PCOD?

Now you don’t need to leave it to fate and the stars. Your child’s future is in their DNA! Your child is different…yes! And so are his/her needs. By catering to those unique requirements, many bad effects of food and lifestyle can be prevented, and positive gene effects can be triggered.

Health Total Nutrigenomics gene test for children

Teenagers too are at great health risk due to various environmental factors. Girls today develop polycystic ovary disease (PCOD) very early on due to hormonal imbalances triggered by stress or hereditary factors. But food can prevent, heal and even cure!

Children develop eating habits in the early years and these habits stay with them throughout their lives. So, this is the right age to inculcate good eating and lifestyle habits. Health Total Nutrigenomics can help you safeguard your child/teenager against the effects of junk food, pollution, increasing inactivity combined with poor quality nutrition, which are increasingly making children unhealthy.

Gene Test for Children & Teenagers

Identify your child’s unique dietary requirements to help him/her at every stage of the growing years. The Health Total Nutrigenomics gene test for children can help in many ways —

  • Boost immunity and energy
  • Ensure better bone health
  • Improve focus and concentration in studies
  • Tap into your child’s body clock & find out what time and type of exercise will give positive results
  • Prevent excessive weight gain with customized nutrition that balances the right amounts of fat, protein and carbohydrates
  • Find out if the child is lactose or gluten intolerant
  • Detect deficiencies and get correct vitamin and supplement recommendations
  • Detect early on and prevent family tendencies for PCOD, diabetes, heart disease, and others
  • Prevent or manage PCOD early to avoid serious complications later in life

Just a simple saliva test can set your child on the path to good health to last a lifetime.