Diet Guide for Homemakers Women

Having trouble conceiving? Eat According to Your Genes!

  • Is losing weight proving difficult?
  • Gas, bloating and acidity constant problems for you?
  • Are mood swings, anxiety and depression ruining your health?


diet food for homemaker

It’s time to listen to what your genes are saying. Nutrigenomics gene test shows that ‘one size does not fit all’ and neither does diet or lifestyle requirement. What suits one woman may not help you! Also, a woman’s metabolism is different from that of a man and so are her genetic issues. So, as a woman you need a specially formulated programme for your unique requirements as shown by your genes.

Amongst many things, your genes can affect:

Weight loss Hormonal balance
Fertility Hair and Skin
Joint pain Bone health

In addition to the above, find out if you are among 50% women who suffer from PCOD but haven’t yet been diagnosed. Or, how food is interacting with your genes to cause either osteoporosis, lowered immunity and energy levels, anxiety, depression or other symptoms.

Find out what your genes are saying with Health Total Nutrigenomics—a gene test done with a simple saliva sample. After your test, our nutritional experts will counsel you, give you a personalised nutrition plan, so that you eat only what will suit you and help you get healthy faster, improve disease outcomes and lose weight more effectively.