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“I wanted glowing & clear skin. I read about Anjali Mukerjee’s Detox Box online, & tried it. I could feel an improvement from the 2nd day, I’m happy. I am planning to detox again in a few months.”

Anita Desai, 41, Housewife

“The best part about the detox box from Anjali Mukerjee is that you don’t really feel hungry. I followed their 10 day program & my weakness was gone. I feel I have more energy and have became more alert.”

Sunaina Khanna, 25, Intern at Ad Agency

“My daughter used this product and followed the diet chart & instructions. She started seeing the results on 2nd or 3rd day. She has acne problem, but after using the product she could see the dark marks disappearing.”

Shivani Sharma, 46, Housewife

“It’s been a week since I finished using the product, the program was easy to follow & the dietitians phone consult was helpful. I feel energetic, and think I’m losing some weight too. Thank You Health Total.”

Ananya Chatterjee, 31, Banking Professional

“I work in the night shift, so it took me a day to actually get into the detox schedule. The 1st two days it was a bit difficult to stick to the timings. But the third day onward, I was completely into the program. I followed the plan for 10 days. On the 11th day, I feel my digestive system has improved & I have a lot of energy.”

Rajat Mallik, 29, IT professional

“I tried their detox box, and it was amazing. It made me lose weight, and my stomach issues like acidity, gas, & bloating were all gone. And my ten year old acne problem also got better. I will use this product once again, very soon.”

Mayur Joshi, 45, HR Manager