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Now Fight PCOD/PCOS Naturally!

PCODManaging your life with Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), the excess weight, emotional stress, not being able to conceive, the hair problems, having no one to talk to and most importantly — dealing with the comments and snide remarks — all probably leave you feeling dejected and with no time for the most important person in your life — YOU!

In spite of all the pain and anxiety, if you find little or no improvement in the symptoms after undergoing several conventional treatments, going to the gym and being on crash diets, it’s time to change, to stop the suffering and start living your life to the fullest again!

Yes…don’t give up just yet! Sign up for a FREE consultation and find out how an easy-to-follow, customised Health Total diet plan along with simple lifestyle changes can help you achieve real results, steadily regain health, look and feel beautiful inside out and live a happier, healthier life.

What is PCOD Problem?

what is pcod problemPolycystic Ovary Disorder (PCOD) problem is a hormonal disorder in women defined by a group of signs and symptoms. PCOD problem is one of the most common reasons for infertility in women. This health condition can cause problems with a woman’s menstrual cycle, cardiac function as well as appearance. Women who have polycystic ovary have multiple small cysts in their ovaries that occur when the regular changes of a normal menstrual cycle are disrupted.

PCOS occurs not just in women, but in girls as young as 11! Polycystic ovaries are generally larger in size and denser than the normal ovaries. It usually occurs when the sex hormones go out of balance and the body starts producing more male hormones resulting in the onset of several symptoms.

PCOD Symptoms

PCOD symptoms are related to menstrual disturbances and excess levels of androgens. Menstrual disturbances can include delay of normal periods, the presence of fewer than normal menstrual periods, or the absence of periods for over three months. A woman’s menstrual cycle may not be associated with ovulation and may result in heavy bleeding. Watch out for these symptoms to determine whether you have PCOD or not.

  • Irregular periods
  • Reduced fertility
  • Abnormal weight gain or obesity
  • Heart (cardiac) complications
  • Acne or skin rashes
  • Abnormal hair growth or hair loss

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No one really knows what exactly causes PCOD, but it is likely to be the result of a number genetic and environmental factors. Researchers are studying the role that genetics might play in this development. Excess production of the hormone androgen can also cause PCOD.

Hereditary – If your mother or sister have a history of PCOD, then chances are you too might get diagnosed with this health issue.

Low-grade inflammation – When women have low-grade inflammation, it stimulates ovaries to produce androgens, leading to PCOD.

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PCOD Problem Treatment

PCOD problem treatment is not curative. The treatment focuses on controlling symptoms and managing the condition to prevent complications. PCOD treatment will vary from woman to woman, depending on specific symptoms.

A healthy diet and regular exercise are recommended to women with PCOD, especially those who are overweight. The combination of diet and moderate exercise can help to regulate a woman’s menstrual cycle and lower her blood glucose levels.

Homeopathy for PCOD treatment is positively recommended since women with this condition often have irregular or scanty periods and the ovaries are enlarged with cysts filled fluids in them. PCOD problem also makes the periods painful. Also, the ratio of the hormones gets disturbed badly, which makes life it difficult for the woman to do her daily chores.

Health Total provides with the best results by combining Ayurveda and homeopathy treatment for helping a woman manage PCOD symptoms.  PCOD problem treatment aims at correcting the hormones by helping women release their hormones at regular intervals and keeping their weight under control.

PCOD treatment is safe sans side-effects and gives a result that lasts for a lifetime. So, keep PCOD problem at bay by simply taking a FREE consult from Health Total experts today!

Meanwhile, start taking care of your health by following below-mentioned ways –

Eat right

If you are obese, weight loss plans is all you need. The more overweight you are, the more likely you are to be insulin resistant whether you have PCOS or not. Losing just 5% of your weight will help lower insulin resistance. Eat more of weight loss foods and avoid sugary, salty, and fatty foods as much as possible. Increase your protein intake by making it at least 30% of your diet; make carbs less than 50% of your diet.

Know how to maintain a healthy weight.


Moderate exercise such as walking or swimming for at least 30 to 90 minutes every day go a long way in managing the condition. It will also help you lower or get rid of insulin resistance.


Chronic stress only makes insulin resistance worse. So, look for ways to de-stress your mind and body. For instance, getting good sleep of at least 7 to 9 hours can help lower insulin resistance. Stress reduction techniques, such as yoga and meditation let you connect with your body.

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PCOD Diet Chart

Changing the way you eat can help you manage the symptoms much better. Symptoms are aggravated by consumption of certain types of foods so staying away from refined flour, sugar, dairy products and carbohydrates help to greatly reduce insulin imbalance and associated symptom occurrence. Replacing such foods with raw fruits, green leafy vegetables and foods with a low glycemic index help to maintain the nutrition value and also aids weight loss.

Best Foods for PCOD

The Health Total plan aims at helping you manage your symptoms better so that you can live a healthier, happier and PCOS-free life.

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Why Health Total?

The Health Total integrated approach is a holistic one that combines the simple yet powerful benefits of eating natural, nutritious foods along with Ayurvedic treatment, homeopathy and certain lifestyle changes. We believe good nutrition has a powerful impact on a person’s health and is the number one holistic medicine tool.

Our nutritional therapy is based on a unique, scientific 4-step process that works with the natural body cycle and helps to improve disease outcome–

Food plan that matches an individual’s chemistry and body type is the best medicine.
—Anjali Mukerjee

PCOD management plan by Health Total

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It’s Easy

We believe in the intrinsic healing power of food. Utilising food as medicine, Health Total natural nutritional therapy can give you lasting symptom relief and better disease outcome. Here is how lakhs of people continue to benefit from the Health Total programme:

  • Easy-to-follow tailor-made diet plans
  • No gadgets, no creams
  • Tasty & healthy recipes
  • Support and motivation at every step
  • One-on-one consultation with women health experts
  • Steady & natural body-fat reduction
  • Clinically proven results
  • Added skin & beauty benefits

The Health Total PCOD plan

Best food for PCOD PCOSHealth Total believes that good health requires a state of balance. At the same time, every individual has unique dietary requirements. Health Total plan is completely personalised and formulated to cater to an individual’s unique health objectives. Our doctors and nutritionists will work closely with you to achieve your goals throughout the programme. We won’t give up on you so you don’t give up on yourself!

As we work towards your health goals together, you will begin to see the following positive changes:

  • Reduction in or reversal of PCOD-related health issues
  • Strengthening and revitalising the female reproductive system
  • Regularising menstrual cycle
  • Correcting hormonal imbalance
  • Managing insulin resistance
  • Effectively treating and dissolving ovarian cysts
  • Weight reduction/management

Get Tested, Get Sure!

Your genes decide everything—the colour of your skin, your height and also the health disorders you may develop during your lifetime. While other gene tests only help determine your health condition, at Health Total we go a step further.

We not only determine your health condition but also help you manage it better!

Nutrigenomics is a science, which studies how food interacts with our genes and how genes determine our response to food and certain chemicals in our PCOD diet chart. It helps us design the right diet chart and exercise regimes for long-lasting good health and wellness.

Our Gene Test to check for hormonal imbalance helps you gain a better understanding of your condition by pointing out the following:

  • Your risk of developing PCOS
  • Foods that trigger this disease
  • Better management of symptoms
  • Identifying related-health risks

Get your gene test done and discover the hidden messages in your genes!

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