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Vegetarian Diet Chart For Weight Loss

Vegetarian Diet Chart For Weight Loss

A well-balanced vegetarian diet is apt for people of all age groups — whether it is the children, the elderly, pregnant women, athletes, and recovering patients. The most important reason is that a vegetarian diet has all the nutrients, minerals, proteins, calcium, vitamins, iron and zinc our body needs for proper functioning.

The Indian Vegetarian Diet

The Indian vegetarian diet comprises fruits and vegetables; grains such as rice, wheat, and corn; milk and dairy products; beans and legumes; nuts and oils. However, if you are trying to lose weight, your diet should consist of low-calorie vegetables like cauliflower and spinach; fruits, and whole grains such as brown rice and whole-wheat chapati, and lastly pulses.

The Indian meal is incomplete without a blend of spices. Spices add flavor and color to the food without adding any calories, making them a must-have in your weight-loss diet plan. Some of the commonly used spices are turmeric, fenugreek, cardamom, cloves, coriander, mustard, ginger, garlic, and cumin.

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Doctors for weight loss

Many doctors suggest a vegetarian diet plan for the prevention and treatment of various diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabeteshigh blood pressure, cancer, renal diseases, osteoporosis, gallstone, etc. Also, following a vegetarian diet plan is much simpler than adopting another diet plan. A slow switch to a vegetarian diet can be your best lifestyle change.

However, not all vegetarian diet make good choices, especially when you are trying to shed the extra kilos. Avoid foods cooked in ghee or foods that are fried such as French Fries and vegetable samosas.

Follow This Diet Plan and See the Difference

The first thing after waking up in the morning you must do is to drink a glass of lemon water mixed with honey. This will cleanse the body of harmful acids. You can also drink coconut water.

Breakfast: Include eggs with brown bread toast, 1 banana and 1 cup of green tea. You can also eat idlis or masala/plain dosa on certain days.

Lunch: 1 portion of brown rice with tofu and grilled tomatoes or vegetable soup and a green salad or 2 chapatis with whole wheat along with mixed vegetables. You can also include curd or yogurt.

Vegetarian Diet Chart for Weight Loss

Evening snack: Brown bread sandwich with low-fat cheese, or baked beans, grilled mushrooms, or tea or coffee.

Dinner: Curry or dal with 2 chapatis or any vegetable, paneer, and salad.

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