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Jeera Benefits For Weight Loss

Jeera Benefits For Weight Loss

Amazing Jeera Benefits

Jeera or cumin is one of the commonly used ingredients in most of the Indian recipes. Apart from its taste-enhancement feature, jeera has great medicinal properties. Some of the jeera benefits include healthy weight loss among others.

Jeera for Digestion

Jeera aids in digestion and cures digestive problems. Cuminaldehyde, the aromatic organic compound found in jeera, activates the salivary glands in the mouth and facilitates the primary digestion of food. Thymol, another compound found in cumin, stimulates the glands that secrete acids, bile and enzymes that aid in the complete digestion of the food. You can add a few cumin seeds to hot water and consume this mixture to get relief from stomach pain.

Jeera As Mouth Freshener

One of the common uses of jeera is as a mouth freshener. Chew a few jeera seeds as they fight bad odour and give a fresh breath.

Cumin in Tea

Make a tea by adding jeera and a small piece of ginger to it. This is an excellent remedy to relieve the symptoms of common cold. The essential oils found in jeera help to fight viral infections. Get all this while losing weight naturally.

Jeera for Insomnia

Cumin oil has excellent tranquillizing effects, which help to relieve stress and anxiety that lead to insomnia. Sleeplessness is one of the major reasons for weight gain.

Rich In Iron

As jeera is rich in iron, it is beneficial for lactating mothers. It contains thymol, which increases the secretion of milk from the mammary glands.

Other Jeera benefits

Jeera has the ability to manage symptoms of anaemia such as fatigue, anxiety, cognitive malfunction, and digestive issues as it has high iron content. So, add jeera to your daily food plan and benefit from healthy weight loss and other health benefits.

Anti-Carcinogenic Properties

Jeera has excellent anti-carcinogenic properties, which help prevent colon cancer. It’s a spice that gives you much more than healthy weight loss.

Prevents Constipation

It provides great relief from constipation. Roast jeera seeds in a pan until they turn deep brown. Allow them to cool and make it a fine powder. Have this powder with water or honey on an empty stomach. You can also consume jeera tea for constipation.

Rich In Potassium

As jeera is rich in potassium, it helps maintain the electrolyte balance in the body, preventing heart diseases. It also maintains a perfect balance of blood pressure and heart rate. It is a must-have ingredient for all heart patients. You can manage the blood pressure level by drinking a glass of jeera water on an empty stomach every day. Moreover, do remember that jeera helps you with healthy weight loss.

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