Planning to take up a gluten-free diet? Find out its benefits

You do not need to be tested for gluten intolerance to go gluten-free. You can reap the benefits of a gluten-free diet irrespective. In fact, you should try it. Cutting down gluten from your diet may seem like a difficult task initially. But over a period of time, you’ll feel lighter, less bloated and will see an improvement in your skin and hair quality. The reason: a gluten-free diet invariably makes you include more vegetables and whole grains in your meal plan. So, you’ll lose some weight as well.

Benefits of a Gluten-free Diet

Gluten-free diet today has become a part of a healthy lifestyle. Gluten-free, along with cutting of carbohydrates, and eating more vegetables and fruits, helps many people to lose weight steadily and reduces symptoms in those who are sensitive to gluten. Listed below are some of the major benefits:

  1. Improves cholesterol levels
  2. Improves digestion
  3. The visible difference in hair and skin quality
  4. Eliminates unhealthy processed foods from your diet (fried foods, bread, pasta, biscuits, desserts, etc.)
  5. You are more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables as they are all gluten-free
  6. Promotes healthy weight loss
  7. Reduces bloat
  8. Reduces the risk of heart diseases, certain cancer, and diabetes
  9. Improves the health of people with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Many foods are naturally gluten-free. Some of the examples include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pulses, meat, poultry, fish, eggs, soya, milk, cheese, natural yogurt, cream, rice, corn (maize), gram flour, soya flour, and quinoa. To shop for gluten-free foods, click here.

September 3, 2019

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