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Losing weight and getting in shape can be a big challenge for men. And, maintaining a healthy weight, after achieving the desired weight loss, is an even bigger trial. While you may succeed in shedding those extra kilos, you may often end up gaining it back. So, sustainable weight loss carries a great significance. Fortunately, following a customised diet for weight loss in males developed by certified dieticians can help you lose extra kilos healthily and sustain positive outcomes. Let’s learn more about weight loss in men, an effective diet chart for the same, and a men’s weight loss diet plan.

Weight loss in males and females does occur differently. This is because, males happen to have greater muscle mass, lesser body fat, and faster metabolic rate than females. So, men happen to burn a greater number of calories than women. Despite this, weight loss can indeed be a big challenge for men.

It is important to note that losing weight is not just getting in shape and improving your appearance, but it is also effective in keeping a range of chronic health conditions at bay. Losing weight healthily by following a personalized belly fat loss diet for males can help prevent disease conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol levels, diabetes, and more, in the future. Obese and overweight men are more vulnerable to these hazardous health issues.

Often, fad and crash diets catch your attention to get rid of your undesirable, excess weight quickly. With these diets, you might lose weight rapidly but may lack proper nourishment and experience weight gain soon after stopping the crash diet. Men’s weight loss diet for sustainable outcomes helps you lose weight healthily without taking a toll on your health and improves your quality of life greatly. It not only promotes weight loss but also nourishes your body with all essential nutrients. So, you lose weight healthily, don’t gain back the excess weight, and enjoy sustainable outcomes. The assistance of nutritionists helps you have fat loss weight plans for males that are easy to follow and simple. These health plans not just enable you to shed kilos but also play a role in improving your immunity.

12 Dietary Tips To Make The Diet Plan for Weight Loss in Males Successful:

Following men’s weight loss diet consistently and practising exercise routine can work wonders in helping men get in shape. Here’s a list of diet tips for effective and sustainable weight loss in men.

  1. Add More Proteins to Your Regular Diet:

When struggling to lose weight, having an adequate intake of proteins can help greatly in shedding excess weight. It’s a healthy way to stay satiated for a longer span and burn undesirable fat faster. Also, the consumption of proteins aids in maintaining a good metabolic rate. Legumes, seafood, eggs, beans, nuts, meat, and dairy products are protein abundant foods that you can add to your fat loss diet plan for males.

  1. Include Whole Grains in Your Diet

Whole grains foods are effective in promoting healthy weight loss. They not just make you feel full for a longer but also helps keep your blood glucose levels in check. Adding brown rice, barley, oats, ragi, and other whole grains to the belly fat loss diet plan for males can help them get in shape healthily.

  1. Consume Foods Rich in Iron:

Obese men often suffer from an underactive thyroid i.e. hypothyroidism. So, they suffer from sudden weight gain, weakness, and other health issues. Iron plays a crucial role in managing thyroid gland functioning and its hormone secretion. So, enriching your men’s weight loss diet with iron abundant foods can help induce weight loss. Include leafy green vegetables, peas, apples, seafood, and other sources of iron in your diet.

  1. Eat Healthy Fats:

Contrary to the common perception that fats cause weight gain, the intake of healthy fats is effective in achieving weight loss goals. Including healthy fats in your diet for weight loss in men not just minimizes the risk of weight gain but also makes you feel full for longer. It helps curb overeating or binging. Olive oil, almonds, and oily fish such as salmon and tuna are sources of natural healthy fats.

  1. Switch to Healthy, Nutritional Beverages:

Fluids rich in nutrients nourish you, improve your immunity, and aid in losing weight without taking a toll on your health. To accelerate your weight loss healthily, include nutritional fluids, such as fresh homemade fruit juice, milk, and green tea, in your customised fat loss diet plan for males. Also, have a sufficient intake of water daily. Water hydrates your body without adding any calories. Abundant antioxidants and micronutrients in the fresh fruit juices and green tea help nourish your body. They also boost your metabolic rate, thereby promoting weight loss.

  1. Have More Fibre in Your Diet:

Increasing the intake of fibre in the diet is a key to promoting weight loss in men. The consumption of foods rich in fibre makes you feel full for a longer period and prevents you from munching on food now and then. So, it plays an effective role in weight management in men. Add vegetables and fruits rich in fibre, nuts, whole grains, seeds, and legumes to the belly fat loss diet for males.

  1. Practice Intermittent Fasting:

Intermittent fasting includes periods of fasting and eating. So, you do not fast continuously. Continuous fasting comes with side effects. In intermittent fasting, you fast for some span and eat nutritious food for some period. You can follow a 5:2 diet, wherein you can have your regular, nutritious meals for five days and fast for two days. Be sure you do not overeat on those five days. Also, make sure that you keep your intake of calories in check. The guidance of expert dieticians can help you follow intermittent fasting properly while following men’s weight loss diet plan.

  1. Avoid Alcohol Consumption:

If you wish to maintain a good physique and health, stay away from alcohol. The consumption of alcohol hampers your liver health and affects its hormonal secretion function adversely. Also, alcohol dehydrates your body and makes you crave to eat salty foods. So, it is wise to avoid alcohol when following a men’s weight loss diet.

  1. Develop a Habit to Eat Light Dinner:

Some dietary modifications help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy sustainable weight loss. Men, particularly those in their 40s, should eat most of the calories for the day by 3 pm and have a light dinner. This is a healthy and effective way to lose weight smoothly.

  1. Minimize or Eliminate Soda from Your Diet:

Soda contains plenty of calories, and, despite its abundant calorie content, it fails to satisfy your appetite. So, it is advisable to substitute soda with something more satiating. You can munch on nuts or have a fresh salad instead of soda. This not only helps in promoting weight loss but also nourishes your body with essential nutrients.

  1. Enrich your Meals with Green Vegetables:

Loaded with nutrients, vegetables nourish your body while helping you lose undesirable weight. Men following a plant-based diet lose greater weight than those following an animal-based diet. Also, a plant-based diet provides you with healthy fats, which are, particularly, beneficial for men over 40 years of age. So, enrich your diet for weight loss in males with fresh green vegetables.

  1. Maintain a Food Journal:

Keeping a track of what and how much food you eat helps you practice mindful eating. It will help prevent overeating and increase your intake of nutritious foods. Consulting a certified nutritionist can help you have an effective, personalized belly fat loss diet for males and achieve your weight loss goals healthily.

Additionally, you should develop these good lifestyle habits to achieve sustainable weight loss while following a fat loss diet plan for males.

  1. Get enough sound and continuous sleep for eight hours.
  2. Never skip your breakfast.
  3. Include exercise in your routine.
  4. Never starve yourself.
  5. Chew your food well and do not gobble.
  6. Do not fall for junk and processed food.
  7. Avoid eating refined carbohydrates and trans fats.
  8. Never set unrealistic fitness goals.
  9. Quit harmful habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol.

Unique Indian Diet Chart for Weight Loss for Males

Here’s a sample of a unique, effective Indian diet chart for achieving sustainable weight loss in males.

Breakfast (at 8 am): 3 scrambled eggs with light salt and pepper, 2 small bowls of cooked spinach with a light seasoning of pepper and salt, and a cup of coffee.

Mid-morning snack (at 11 am): One apple and a handful of nuts, such as almonds

Lunch (at 1 pm): Two whole grain rotis, one bowl of dal, two cups of fresh mixed green vegetables, and a piece of oily fish

Mid-afternoon snack (at 4 pm): One small block of cheese

Dinner (at 8 pm): A couple of servings of pinto beans or black beans, eight oz of seasoned steak, and fresh broccoli or side salad

Dessert at Night (at 10 pm): Homemade fresh fruit smoothie or a bowl of mixed fruits

If you are one of those men struggling to lose weight naturally yet healthily, opt for a fat loss diet plan for males. The precious guidance of nutritionists, such as health experts at Health Total, can help you have a personalized men’s weight loss dietchart comprising all nutritious foods that not just reduce your waist circumference and body fat percentage but also boost your immunity and increase your muscle mass. So, you enjoy sustainable weight loss and improved immunity and health.

So, waste no time, get in touch with us online or over a call on 1-800-843-0206 and embark on your weight loss journey smoothly with our customised diet for weight loss in males.

May 30, 2022

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