Being seated at your desk all day can wreak havoc on your entire body. These days, many employees are getting more and more health conscious. However, due to increased stress, longer working hours and constant multitasking, it is more difficult to find time to act on wellness goals.
Here are some ways to lose weight with a busy schedule:

 Snack Healthy Throughout the Day

Be smart while choosing your snacks but don’t starve yourself completely. If you deprive yourself of healthy food, you’ll end up feeling irritable and weak. As a result, you will probably be unable to focus on your tasks. Instead, bring several healthy snacks to munch on throughout the day.Fresh fruit or veggies are a good option.

Do Not Confuse Thirst for Hunger

There are some busy days when you forget to hydrate. This can lead us into mistaking our thirst as hunger. and accidentally eat more than necessary. Keep a small bottle of water at your desk all the time and make a conscious effort to take small sip throughout the day. Although it may be difficult to maintain the eight-glasses-a-day rule, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Use Staircase

While conducting office tasks try using staircase instead of the regular elevator. This will help keep your body moving even while at work. Eventually leading to burning off some extra calories.

Why Eat Calcium-Rich Food

Eat at least two calcium-rich foods every day – namely curd and whole beans (like rajhma, chana), leafy vegetables, tofu, soybean, almonds, sesame seeds etc. These foods keep our bones strong while helping in detoxifying the body.

Lime – Your Detox Friend

Keep some lemons handy and squeeze them into your drinking water throughout the day. Use them generously as a salad dressing or on your dals. These have an alkalizing effect on the body and assist the body in eliminating toxins, which helps you lose weight.

Munch On Almonds

Always keep a few soaked almonds in the fridge. They form an excellent in-between snack food. You can also use them in salads instead of croutons. Almonds apart from being alkalizing are rich in protein, essential oils, calcium, and magnesium. They will help you lose weight thee natural way.

A Sprinkle of Sprouts

Include sprouts in your daily meals. You can have anything from wheat, jowar, soybeans, moong, beans, chana, black beans etc. Sprouts are the best foods that you can eat to stay fit, slim, and healthy. They have `life force’ within them, which gets transferred to you. They are energizing and alkalizing, packed with enzymes.  The protein in the sprouted grain gets predigested into easily assimilated amino acids and their nutrient density shoots up. So, lose weights through sprouts.

Don’t Skip Meals

Don’t expect to lose weight by skipping meals. That’s is just not the right way. Your body thinks it’s being starved, so it slows your metabolism and stores nutrients and fats, it would normally burn. The best is to eat small portion of three to four nutritious meals and two snacks a day for an efficient metabolism.

Why Manage Stress

Balancing the responsibilities given by your employer and your family can be challenging. Protect your mental and physical health by engaging in activities that help you manage your stress at work and at home. Such activities can vary from yoga, meditation to dancing and walking. Stress has a bearing on weight loss if not managed properly.

Work Out for Weight Loss

Exercise is a must for weight loss. Cardiovascular exercise and more importantly resistance exercise (weight lifting) is essential for good long-term health. Muscles will increase your metabolism making it possible to lose fat, and resistance exercise has amazing benefits for your heart and other organs.
Additionally, you can also try detoxing toxins from your system
Detoxification is essential for the removal of harmful toxins from your body. It also aids weight loss, gives you energy and clears up your skin in the bargain.
Drink at least 4 glasses of warm water in the morning and about 4 to 6 glasses during the rest of the day totaling up to 8-10 glasses per day. Also, drink at least one glass of vegetable juice daily. This could be made from different combination of vegetables for such as follows:
Option 1: Spinach+ tomato+ carrot
Option 2: Cucumber+ tomato+ onion
Option 3: Tomato+ beetroot+ carrot
Option 4: Coriander leaves+ tomato
Option 5: Orange+ tomato+ carrot

What is Best Way to Lose Weight Sitting at the Desk for 8 Hours?

Music Break

During your lunch break make it point to listen to your favorite music. It might not directly burn your calories but will surely help in bringing a smile on your face and reduce your stress levels.


Whenever you get time, wriggle yourself around in your seat, tap your feet, and move your body around without actually getting up can lead to you burning a number of calories in a day.

Take a Coffee Break

This does not mean drinking sugar laden cup of coffee repeatedly. This will naturally have a reverse effect on your metabolism. Instead, Instead, choose unsweetened black tea, green tea or straight black coffee. If possible get up and take your own coffee.
These eating guidelines will help you to maximize your performance all day. Use them to your advantage to focus your thoughts to concentrate better, to work smarter and longer durations, to avoid fatigue, to either delay sleeping time or even to relax at the end of an action packed day.

May 2, 2016

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