Zero calorie drink

One of the most economical and highly accessible slimming agents comes from nature in the form of fresh and pure water. This zero calorie drink is loaded with innumerable boons.

Weight loss benefits of water 

  • When consumed with high fiber foods, it makes the fiber swell giving the dieter a feeling of fullness, and stops him or her from eating more.
  • Water helps transport nutrients to and from the cells, aids digestion, eliminates wastes, and toxic impurities from the body and cools the body through perspiration. Insufficient intake of water will hamper these crucial body functions.
  • Health authorities recommend a daily intake of seven to eight glasses a day. Most of the time, we don’t even realize that we are thirsty.

Say ‘NO’ to sodas!

Every time you sip a 300 ml bottle of your favourite fizz, you guzzle a lot of calories. Not to mention, the six teaspoons of sugar that comes along with it. Its sodium content increases the body’s demand for water instead of playing the expected role of quenching our thirst. Diet colas contain only one calorie per can. However, diet colas are avoidable because they contain only carbonated water with artificial colouring and sweeteners.

So, the next time you guzzle a cola or a cocktail, think twice. These fancy drinks are actually brimming with calories and happen to be some of the major culprits behind those ever-increasing pounds. Drinking liquids does not necessarily mean that you are consuming less calories.

So if you are looking forward to trim yourself and shed off those extra kilos, simply load up in water and it work it’s wonders.

August 31, 2016

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