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Health Total offers effective, custom-designed weight loss programs based on natural therapy. We also offer health plans, which help you manage lifestyle-related health issues such as high cholesterol, high BP, PCOD, acidity, and diabetes to get you treading on the healthy path.


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Our Approach

We have based all our plans on a unique, scientific four-step process

The weight loss program and various other health programs at Health Total work on the natural body cycle and are based on a unique four-step process:

Step One


It is a process of removing accumulated toxins from our body. These toxins would have accumulated inside our body over a period of time owing to improper eating and stress. Removal of these toxins first becomes vital to make our body receptive to nutrients while improving their bioavailability.

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Step Two


Post detoxification, our body is in a state where it can absorb rich nutrients, minerals, and vitamins from food much more efficiently. Nourishment through nutrient-dense food at this stage rejuvenates and energizes us, making us feel fresh.

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Step Three


Once our body feels rejuvenated, it reaches a state of ‘optimum metabolism’. In this state, we need to nourish our bodies adequately through mineral and vitamin-rich food.

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Step Four


Once our body goes through this entire process, it is said to be in a state of BALANCE where it is disease-free. Moreover, you would have achieved your desired results by now. Now, we can train you to balance and maintain the same body throughout your life. You will start making healthy choices automatically at this stage.

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Mrs. Poonam Donde

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*India's Most Promising and Valuable Nutritional Company in Diet and Nutritional Counseling 2014, 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit Awards 2014

India's Best Nutrition & Neutraceuticals Company, 7th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit Awards 2010

Official Nutritionist and Diet Consultant of Miss India's – 1998 to 2003