Nutrigenomics - Female Hormone Test

Treatment for High Estrogen in Females

What is the significance of Oestrogen Panel?

The Oestrogen Support helps females understand their genetic constitution, with regards to oestrogen imbalances. Oestrogen is a group of “female hormones” that play important roles in development of secondary sexual characters as well as in reproduction.

Fluctuating Oestrogen levels are a cause of concern for female health as they are associated with serious health risks, including cancers and infertility. Highly balanced oestrogen levels are required during the monthly period for a female to be able to conceive. If oestrogen levels are fluctuating, the female finds it extremely difficult to conceive.

Also, oestrogens are known to act on the uterine walls and bring about their thickening for the foetus to attach. If this activity is shown elsewhere in the body, oestrogens are likely to cause several types of cancers such as uterine or breast.