Nutrigenomics -Expert Counselling

Nutrigenomics Expert Counselling

Gene test is a once-in-a-lifetime test. The test is performed to understand variations in genes that contribute to strengths and weaknesses of an individual.

When you come to Health Total for gene testing, here’s what you get:
what do you get

  • Quality sessions with your Nutrigenomics counsellor

Discuss your current health status with your Nutrigenomics counsellor. Based on your health evaluation, your doctor will recommend the panel that best suits your body’s requirements

  • A detailed gene test report explaining the link between your ‘diet’ & ‘gene’

Based on an in-depth analysis of your test sample, we provide you with a detailed test report. The report will contain recommendations by Health Total experts that include:

  • A gene based personalised nutritional plan

Dietary goals for relevant vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and foods, and requirements for nutritional supplementation, where necessary.

  • Food recommendations that suit your gene and fits into your lifestyle

The major objective behind doing the gene test is to understand the vital connection between your ‘diet’ and your ‘gene’. Therefore, the gene test report clearly tells you about the fine distribution of macro and micronutrients to be maintained in your body. The results indicate certain foods or lifestyles that need to be avoided or included for better health management.