Customised Body Detox Diet Plans

Every day, we happen to become exposed to a large number of chemicals through the air that we breathe, certain foods that we consume, and various products that we use, such as cosmetics or domestic cleaning items. As a result, persistent exposure to the chemicals can pose a threat to our health and well-being by making us suffer from various undesirable health effects. Environmental toxins may lead to obesity or overweight and stall weight loss. The toxins can also affect our skin and damage the skin health and texture, cause brain fog, deprive you of energy, promote early aging, and make you feel fatigued. Fortunately, our detox diet plan can help cleanse your body by using natural food ingredients and promote good health. Health Total realises the role of the right diet and nutrition in detoxifying your body and improving your immunity and overall health naturally without any side effects. So, let’s have a look at the health benefits of diet for detoxification are and dietary modifications can help you detox your body naturally with detox foods.

What Are the Benefits of Detox Diet Plans?

Check out some prominent benefits of our detox diet plans.

  1. Promotes Good Health of Skin and Hair

    Our customised diet for pigmentation on the face helps you have healthy, radiant skin. It helps minimize skin blemishes, clear your skin, and reduce your acne. Also, foods that detox your body are effective in improving your hair health. You develop longer, healthier, and shinier hair as the detox foods cleanse your body. Our personalized detox diet plan nourishes you and prevents your hair from turning lifeless and brittle.

  2. Boosts Your Immunity

    Our health experts offer you a customised detox diet plan comprising the best foods for a liver detox to help improve your liver health. As your liver and kidneys function more effectively, they help filter and eliminate the most ingested toxins easily and naturally. This improves your health. Also, our detox body diet nourishes your body with all essential minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that help improve the health of your vital organs and boost your immunity.

  3. Improves Digestion and Manages Weight

    With an effective cleansing of your body by liver detox foods, your digestion improves. The absorption of minerals, vitamins, and other crucial nutrients improve. Detoxification with a detox diet plan for weight loss improves your metabolism, which helps you in getting rid of undesirable weight and achieve your weight loss goals.

  4. Nourish You and Improves Blood Circulation

    Our customised diet for detoxificationpromotes the intake of fresh fruits rich in antioxidants and nutrients, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, and more. The improved levels of antioxidants in your body not just nourish you and boost your immunity but also improve your blood circulation.

  5. Helps You Develop Good Psychological Health

    Foods that detox your body help improve your focus, cognitive function, clarity, and sleep. As a result, it helps improve your psychological health.

  6. Prevents or Delays Aging

    By improving the health of your liver and other vital organs, detox foodshelp delay aging. As your body gets rid of toxins effectively, the health of your skin and hair and general health improves which helps delay aging.

Expert dieticians at Health Total follow a unique scientific approach in creating a personalized diet for detoxification tailored to your specific health needs. Our customised detox diet plan helps improve your skin health, cleanses your liver, delays aging, improves your energy, manages your weight, and boosts your immunity. Our expert nutritionists also recommend you limit or eliminate certain foods from your diet. Health Total’s detox treatment is powered by Ayurveda and homeopathy to help manage your skin health, liver function, weight loss, nourish you, and improve your overall health without taking a toll on your health.

What Are The Best Dietary Tips To Follow to Detox Your Body?

Our detox body diet comprises natural ingredients that promote the detoxification process in your body smoothly. Detox diets may involve healthy foods, fruit juices, and cleansing foods that improve your liver health, increase your energy, enhance your skin and hair health, improves digestion, manages your weight, nourishes you, boosts your immunity by supplying you with all essential nutrients, and brings balance into your life. Our team of expert nutritionists work to develop the best detox diet plan by following an integrated treatment approach comprising the right diet, homeopathy, and Ayurvedic solutions. Our customised detox treatment involving homeopathy identifies the root cause of your condition, corrects it, and helps you heal from within naturally. Our health experts also suggest dietary modifications that support the detoxification process healthily and naturally. Here’s a list of dietary tips that you should follow along with a detox body diet.

  1. Eat Foods Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants play a crucial role in safeguarding your body cells against the damage resulting due to free radicals. Excess of free radicals in your body can make you suffer from oxidative stress. Poor diet, alcohol, exposure to pollutants, and tobacco smoke are responsible for the excess production of free radicals, which can cause unhealthy conditions, such as heart diseases, cancer, asthma, liver diseases, and more. Eating a diet for detoxification that is rich in antioxidants helps your body combat oxidative stress and keep these disease conditions at bay. So, our expert nutritionists recommend eating natural foods that are rich in antioxidants. You can add nuts, berries, green tea, fresh vegetables, and fruits to your regular diet.

  1. Reduce the Consumption of Processed Foods and Sugar

High intake of sugary foods and beverages and highly processed foods can make you suffer from obesity and chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. These disease conditions impact your body’s innate ability to detoxify itself naturally, and they harm vital organs of your body, such as kidneys and liver. For instance, you may suffer from a fatty liver due to a greater intake of sugary foods. Restricting your intake of junk food and increasing your intake of healthy foods is good for your health as it helps detoxify your system. So, our health experts recommend you replace junk food with healthier options, such as fresh fruits vegetables when following our detox diet plan.

  1. Consume Plenty of Water

Water is an essential ingredient of a detox diet plan. It not just quenches your thirst, but also helps improve digestion and absorption of the nutrients, regulates your body temperature, detoxifies your body by eliminating waste products, and lubricates your joints. While your body cells function optimally to break down nutrients, waste products such as urea and carbon dioxide are formed. If these waste products build up, they may harm your body. Drinking ample water daily helps eliminate these harmful waste products through your sweat, urine, and breath. So, water plays a key role in detoxifying your body. So, our expert nutritionists recommend drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily.

  1. Limit Alcohol

The liver is a key organ of your body that plays a pivotal role in the detoxification of your body. An excess intake of alcohol can cause immense damage to your liver function, thereby resulting in scarring, fat build-up, and inflammation. When your liver fails to function properly, it hampers the filtration of the waste products and toxins from your body. So, restricting your intake of alcohol is an effective way to keep your innate detoxification system of the body strong.

  1. Add Prebiotics Abundant Foods to Your Diet

You need to have good gut health to maintain the healthy functioning of your body’s detoxification system. The excretion and detoxification system of your intestinal cells safeguards your body and gut from toxins. Prebiotics is the food of probiotics i.e. good bacteria present in your gut. Consuming foods rich in prebiotics enables the good bacteria in your gut to produce short-chain fatty acids, which are necessary for your good health. Poor quality of your diet, antibiotics, and poor dental hygiene can hamper the presence of good bacteria in your gut. This, in turn, weakens your detoxification system and makes you prone to inflammation and ailments. The intake of prebiotics abundant foods helps you have healthy detoxification and immune system. So, our health experts recommend adding garlic, bananas, asparagus, artichokes, oats, and onions to your diet for detoxification.

  1. Cut Down Your Intake of Salt

Excess consumption of salt can cause fluid retention in your body, particularly if you have a condition affecting your liver or kidneys or you fail to drink an adequate quantity of water. This hampers your detoxification process of the body. Excess build-up of fluid in your body can make you feel uncomfortable, cause water weight gain, and suffer from bloating. By increasing your intake of water, you may get rid of excess water weight. This is because if you increase your water intake, your body reduces the secretion of the antidiuretic hormone that promotes urination and enable you to flush out more water and waste products from your body. Add potassium abundant foods to your diet to counterbalance the effects of sodium in salt. Avoid excess intake of salt and add kidney beans, potatoes, bananas, squash, and spinach to your detox body diet.

  1. Include Sulphur-containing Foods in Your Diet

Foods containing abundant sulphur can help eliminate heavy metals, such as cadmium, from your body. So, our health experts recommend adding onions, garlic, and broccoli to your diet for detoxification.

  1. Spice Up Your Delicacies with Cilantro

The intake of cilantro helps in the excretion of toxins, such as chemicals like phthalates and heavy metals that include lead, from your body. So, flavour your culinary delights with cilantro.

How Does Health Total’s Detox Diet Plans Work?

Health Total has expertise in following a unique integrated approach and step-by-step scientific technique for formulating a customised detox diet plan. Our pool of health experts works hard to offer you a personalized diet for detoxification by including the right nutritious detox foods in your diet and eliminating the harmful foods from your diet plan. Our detox body diet helps improve your liver function, elevates your energy levels, improves your skin and hair health, promotes smooth digestion, and helps you enjoy a healthy weight. Our Ayurvedic and homeopathic treatment for detox helps you heal from within naturally and enables you to enjoy long-lasting positive results. Our customised diet for detoxification boosts your immunity by providing you with all essential nutrients. Here’s a quick rundown at it.

  • Personalized Detox Diet

    Our expert nutritionists formulate a detox diet plan based on your specific health conditions to help you enjoy the best health outcomes. We ensure that your diet for detoxification contains all the necessary foods that detox your body and nutritious foods that nourish you and improves your overall health. We ensure that your detox body diet does not contain any harmful foods.

  • Supplements and Herbal Therapy

    Our expert dieticians also include all the necessary nutritional supplements and herbs in your customised detox diet plan to help meet your body’s nutritional needs. Our detox body diet also offers Ayurvedic solutions that help flush out toxins from your body and improves your health naturally.

  • Homeopathy for Self-Healing

    Our personalized detoxification treatment also comprises homeopathy which addresses and corrects the root cause of your health condition, supports detoxification, and help you heal from within gently, effectively, and safely with no side effects. Our homeopathic treatment for detoxification improves your health and help you enjoy long-lasting outcomes.

  • Regular Exercise

    While you follow a diet for detoxification, adding moderate exercise to your routine can help promote the detox process and improve your health incredibly. You can go for a brisk walk daily, stay active, and practice yoga to help eliminate toxins from your body naturally, improve your mood, enhance your physical and psychological health, and improve your quality of life.

Wondering how to detox your body naturally? Reach out to us at Health Total and receive a customised detox diet plan to improve your overall health and well-being. Our pool of expert nutritionists offers you a personalized detox body diet that cleanses your body, improves your skin and hair health, promotes smooth digestion, aids healthy weight loss, increases your energy levels, improves your physical and psychological health, and boosts your immunity. So, if you are looking for natural ways to detox your body, get in touch with us at Health Total, and stay in pink of health with our customised diet for detoxification.

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