PCOS Health Management Plan

1 in 3 women in India have PCOS. PCOS today has reached epidemic proportions. The hormonal disorder affects women, which results in symptoms like irregular periods, reduced fertility, abnormal weight gain or obesity, acne and other skin issues, abnormal hair growth or hair loss, sleep apnea, higher cholesterol levels, dark patches of skin, fatigue, insulin resistance, depression and heart complications.

A doctor typicall diagnoses PCOS in women who have at least two of these three symptoms:

  • High androgen levels
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Cysts in the ovaries as checked with an ultrasound

Causes of PCOS

There is no definite answer for this, however some research shows that there are few reasons that may trigger pcos.

A High carb diet

Consumption of carbohyderates in India is very high compared to other western countries. Studies have shown that a high-carb diet triggers pcos. Unlike western countries where 70% of the diet is proteins and 30% consists of carbs, in India it is quite the opposite. A normal Indian diet consists of 70% carbs supplemented with only 30% proteins.


If any female member of your family, like your mother or sister, suffers from PCOS, then there are chances of you getting it too. Even though PCOS causes are not well known, you can still protect yourself by making a few simple and healthy lifestyle modifications and feeding your body with the right kind of food

Sedentary Lifestyle

Exercise, Walking , Playing a sport is not an inherent part of our culture as compared to the west. Lack of exercise and an increasingly sedentary lifestyles that have become characteristic of our urban existence that can contribute to pcos.

The Health Total PCOS Management Plan

At Health Total, our approach to manage PCOS is integrated and holistic. We combine powerful yet simple benefits of eating natural, nutritious foods along with Ayurveda treatment, homeopathy and few lifestyle changes.

  • Nutrient-dense customised Low-GI pcos Indian diet
  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Mood management
  • Herbal therapy combined with homeopathy
  • Special exercises to help manage pcos symtoms

PCOS Management Plan

Qualified and Experienced nutritionists and doctors
We follow a 4-step process scientific process of Detox + Rejuvenate + Nourish + Maintain
Natural nutritional therapy
Ayurveda to heal and balance
Homeopathy to promote self-healing, boost immunity and eliminate health issues from the root
Support and motivation at every step