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Diet Plan for Diabetes

Diabetes is a silent killer marked by a spike in blood glucose levels. With over 77 million individuals in India suffering from diabetes, it is a leading health concern. So, managing diabetes is the need of the hour. Fortunately, by following the right diabetes diet plan, you can regulate the condition and stay hale and hearty. Health Total realises the significance of a healthy, nutritious diet in controlling blood glucose levels and managing your weight without starving you. Let’s have a look at what diabetes is and how Health Total’s right diet and nutrition can help you stay in pink of health while it controls diabetes.

Blood glucose is a vital source of energy originating from the food you consume. Insulin, a pancreatic hormone, is a driving force in the uptake of glucose by your body cells – muscle and fat cells. Resistance to insulin or no production of insulin causes a rise in blood sugar levels, thereby leading to diabetes. Our nutritionists and health experts work to develop a customised diet to manage diabetes that not only regulates your blood glucose levels but also nourishes your body, manages your weight, and prevents heart health risks.

Health Total experts follow a unique scientific approach to develop a personalized diabetes diet plan to suit the effective regulation of individual blood glucose levels and satisfy health and nutrition needs. These Indian diabetic diets comprise a combination of foods that help you meet your nutrient requirements while ensuring optimum blood glucose levels. Our individualized treatment for diabetes is powered by Ayurveda and Homeopathy to manage your insulin resistance, control the spike in blood sugar, and help you attain the desired health goals.

What Are the Best Indian Diet Plans for Diabetes Management?

A healthy diet and timely meals are the cornerstones in managing diabetes. An ideal diabetes diet plan includes the healthiest foods in balanced quantities. Foods having abundant nutrients and low calories and fats are the best suitable for managing diabetes symptoms. While you savour nutritious foods, sticking to regular meal timings is a crucial step when following a diabetes diet chart.

Health Total’s unique integrated approach considers your specific diabetes symptoms, physical and psychological make-up, other health conditions, and other essential factors and develops a customised diabetes diet plan comprising an effective blend of foods, nutrients and vitamins, Ayurveda, and homeopathy to help control your blood glucose levels and keep hazardous effects of diabetes at bay.

We aim to develop a personalized diabetic diet chart that focuses on your health goals, lifestyle and tastes without taking a toll on your health. Our expert dietitians guide you in improving your eating habits, by following designated meal times, choosing appropriate portion sizes, and other healthy lifestyle modifications. Our ultimate objective is to help you have optimum blood sugar levels, nourish your body, and keep diabetic health risks at bay. Here’s a list of some best food groups that are a crucial part of a generic Indian diabetic diet.

  • Healthy Carbohydrates

    Simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates, after undergoing the digestion process, break down into blood glucose. Healthy carbohydrates are found in fresh vegetables, legumes, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products that form an integral part of the diet plan of a diabetic patient. Avoid consuming foods and beverages containing added sugars, sodium, and fats.

  • Fibre Abundant Foods

    Good fibre intake moderates your body’s digestion and helps in regulating your blood glucose levels. Include fibre-rich foods, such as leafy green vegetables, nuts, fruits, legumes, and whole grains in your diet to manage diabetes.

  • Heart-Healthy Fish

    Loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, tuna, salmon, and sardines, are healthy for your heart. So, you may include twice a week intake of these heart-healthy fish in your diabetes diet chart. It is wise to avoid fishes having high mercury levels, for instance, king mackerel.

  • Good Fats

    Adding foods containing polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats helps improve insulin control and reduce blood glucose levels. Nuts, avocadoes, and oils, such as olive, peanut, and canola oils can help keep your blood sugar levels in check.

How Does Health Total’s Diabetes Management Plan Works?

Health Total has designed a unique step-by-step scientific and natural approach that plays a pivotal role in managing diabetes naturally. Our effective integrated approach and customised Indian diabetic diet not only helps you keep your blood glucose in check but also aids you in managing your weight and regulating heart health risk factors, such as high blood fats and blood pressure. Our personalised diabetic diet plan also addresses your underlying health condition if any and improves your overall health and well-being. Here’s a quick rundown at it.

  • Customised diabetic Low-GI diet plan

    Based on your particular blood sugar levels and other health conditions, our expert dieticians chalk out a personalized Low Glycemic Index diabetes diet plan for you. Raw carrots, green veggies, lentils, and kidney beans are some Low GI foods that nutritionists include in your Indian diabetic diet.

  • Supplements and herbal therapy to regulate blood sugar levels

    Our certified nutritionists prescribe you nutrient supplements and herbal remedies tailored to your specific health needs. It helps promote your overall good health while keeping your diabetes symptoms in check.

  • Homeopathy

    promotes self-healing: Homeopathy not just helps regulate your blood glucose but also addresses the underlying health conditions and boost your immunity naturally.

  • Light exercise

    Practicing some light exercises, such as walking for 40 minutes daily or performing a set of yoga stretches regularly, can help you control diabetes.

Looking for natural yet effective ways to regulate your blood sugar levels? Get in touch with us at Health Total and receive a personalized diet to manage diabetes from our team of expert nutritionists. Our customised treatment for diabetes controls your diabetes symptoms, blood sugar level, and weight, and paves your way to attain desired health goals. Besides these, our certified dieticians ensure that your personalized diabetes diet chart does not take a toll on your health and helps keep potential heart health risks at bay. Make no delay in getting in touch with us and kick-start with our effective diabetes diet plan to stay hale and hearty.

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