Homeopathy & Nutrition

Our Approach

Explore a unique approach to Homeopathy integrated with the benefits of nutrition and a natural solution to your health problems! Nutritional Homeopathy maintains a holistic approach towards health problems and treats it at the grass-root level to gift you a disease-free healthy future.

Homeopathy and Nutrition together form a very potent combination that not only heals from within, but also takes one towards a healthy and disease-free well-being. Our Nutritional Homeopathy treatment addresses health problems or disorders through Homeopathic Medicines, Advanced Food Therapies and a few subtle lifestyle modifications. This approach is absolutely natural and gives a desired result to last for a lifetime.

Homeopathy works better with Nutrition in treating various health problems like thyroid, arthritis, respiratory problems, hair loss, skin problems, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, children’s health issues, female health issues like PCOD, menopause and others.



We have a dedicated team of accredited experts in the field of Homeopathy, Nutrition, Ayurveda & Nutrigenomics to cater to all your health & weight loss needs.

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Our Homeopathy and Nutrition plans caters to diverse health related issues across all ages, and our treatment is guaranteed to give you positive results.

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Over the 18 years since its establishment, Health Total has expanded to become the only Indian wellness and nutrition company to have over 60 centers across India.

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Give us a call on our toll free number 18002660607 to book your first free appointment today!

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