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Gene Fit Test and Nutrigenomics Counselling for Weight Management

When it’s difficult to get inside your jeans, it’s time to look inside your genes!Obesity and overweight are growing concerns among the masses worldwide these days. Undesirable weight gain or obesity is an unhealthy and unpleasant condition involving an excess of body fat. Excess weight gain not only hampers your appearance but also impacts your health negatively, thereby making you prone to a range of health conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer, and more. So, it becomes crucial to keep your weight in check; and diet and exercise play a vital role in helping you have and maintain a healthy body naturally.Health Total realises the role of nutrition and diet in managing weight and offers you the best nutrigenomics consultation for weight management as per your report of nutrigenomics testing.

What is the Significance of Gene Testing for Weight Management?

This comprehensive nutrigenomics test analyses genes that directly or indirectly affect your weight and provides almost all the answers you need to reach your weight loss goals and maintain them!

Knowledge gained from this gene testing may help you lose more weight because it helps our nutrigenomics experts appropriately match diet and exercise to your particular gene type. Hence, no more guessing or wasting efforts on any ill-informed weight loss routines.

The genes included in the Weight Management Panel have been validated as significant modifiers of body weight. Their inclusion in the nutrigenomics test for weight losswas based on very stringent selection criteria, which were designed by a team of experts in the areas of genetics, nutrition, obesity, and weight management.

We can detect the presence of such genes through the Weight Management Panel using a saliva sample. It is a non-invasive, painless and quick process.

After gene testing, a comprehensive report is generated based on which a personalised diet and certain simple exercise recommendations are made by a Nutrigenomic Counsellor for you to follow. This easy-to-understand nutrigenomics testing report along with recommendations for a diet and exercise plan may work better with your genetic makeup to support your weight management goals.

Your FTO gene (fat mass and obesityassociated gene) variants inform nutrigenomics counsellors on how your body metabolizes protein and fat. These variants of the FTO gene are linked to your energy consumption, metabolism, and energy balance. So, the outcomes of nutrigenomics testing help our nutrigenomics experts to select the right diet plan for weight loss that works the best with your genetic composition. Gene tests for weight loss results reveal various factors that can make you gain weight. For instance, your genetic variants though the results of gene testing may indicate that you are likely to:

  1. Experience Weight Loss with High-Protein Intake:So, our dieticians and nutrigenomics counsellors can provide you with a customised protein-rich diet for weight loss by learning about your body’s response to various macronutrients.
  2. Crave Sweet Food:This helps our certified nutritionists and nutrigenomics experts to create a diet plan which can help you counter your craving and prevent you from consuming a lot of sugar. Such a personalized diet will prevent you from gaining excess weight and help keep obesity and the risk of developing type 2 diabetes at bay.
  3. Develop Hypertension or High Cholesterol:By learning this, our health experts can guide you with dietary and lifestyle modifications to prevent you from having elevated levels of cholesterol or blood pressure. For instance, we provide you with a nutritious diet low in fat and sodium to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol in check.

How Nutrigenomics Weight Management Counselling is Beneficial?

The detailed study of how the consumption of various foods impacts the expression of the genes in a person and how the genetic composition of an individual affects the body’s response to the bioactive components and nutrients in the food and metabolism is nutrigenomics. When it comes to health and weight management, diet and genetic composition play a pivotal role. They can bring about a change in one’s health, weight, metabolism, and susceptibility to a range of health conditions, such as obesity, hypertension, and more. So, identifying the genes whose expressions diet can manage and that can affect your weight and health can help in the creating helpful diagnostic tools, modifying your dietary habits, developing personalized health and diet treatment plans, and formulating strategies to enable you to have a healthy weight and stay in pink of health.And, nutrigenomics testing and nutrigenomics counselling for weight management at Health Total can help you with this greatly.

Obesity results due to a variety of factors, such as lifestyle habits, environment, and genetics.Nutrigenomics testing helps in identifying genes associated with weight gain. It may help you learn how dietary modifications can help you keep weight off when you are at risk of regaining weight due to genetic factors. Our nutrigenomics counselling for weight management, by considering the report of gene testing, helps you have a personalized diet that will help you not only lose weight but also enjoy sustainable weight loss.

Our nutrigenomics testing and counselling can help achieve desired weight loss in people suffering from stubborn obesity. It helps you have helpful insight into your metabolism responsible for your weight. The genetic analysis enables our expert nutrigenomics counsellors to develop customised diet recommendations by framing and following a suitable protein: carbohydrates: fats ratio. Genetics also help understand various helpful aspects of an exercise plan, such as an individual’s responsiveness to exercise or high-intensity workouts, circadian rhythm, and more. Having such a customised diet and exercise plan with nutrigenomics can help you achieve weight loss in a faster, more efficient, and more scientific way.

So, if you are struggling to burn excess fat and get in shape healthily and enjoy sustainable weight loss with natural solutions, resort to nutrigenomics testing and customised diet plans for weight loss. Our pool of certified health experts provides you with quality nutrigenomics counselling for weight loss that helps you learn which diet can help you lose weight and modify the expression of your gene. Our certified nutritionists offer you a customised diet plan for weight loss that not only helps you shed excess kilos but also nourishes your body with crucial nutrients, eliminates nutritional deficiencies, meets all your health needs, and boosts your immunity. So, if you are browsing for nutrigenomics testing near me, get in touch with us at Health Total, have your genetesting for weight management done, and receive the best diet for weight loss to get in shape, avoid the risk of possible health hazards such as obesity and high cholesterol, and enjoy a healthy, happy life with our nutrigenomics weight management consultation.

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