Why choose the HEALTH TOTAL AT HOME program?

If you think your hectic lifestyle is hampering your weight loss efforts, you may be right! While the emphasis on living healthy and staying fit is steadily growing, do you feel yourself lagging behind?

Sadly, in a world of deadlines and traffic jams, no one seems to have time for what matters the most – one’s health!

HealthTotal@Home program works for you because it adjusts to your busy lifestyle!

Program Designed For

Working Professionals
Retired Couples


No clinical visits
Personalized food plans to meet your health goals
Weekly consultation call with doctors & nutritionists
Full program kit parcelled to your doorstep
Comprehensive list of do’s and don’ts
Lose weight from the comfort of your home

Health Total Brings Together The Best For You

Qualified and Experienced nutritionists and doctors
We follow a 4-step process scientific process of Detox + Rejuvenate + Nourish + Maintain
Natural nutritional therapy
Ayurveda to heal and balance
Homeopathy to promote self-healing, boost immunity and eliminate health issues from the root
Support and motivation at every step