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The Best Health Plans For Psoriasis Management

Psoriasis is an unpleasant, chronic autoimmune condition that causes scaling on the surface of the skin due to the rapid build-up of skin cells. The development of whitish-silver scales in thick, red patches is one of the prominent psoriasis symptoms that one may experience. The redness and inflammation around the scales are quite common in psoriasis skin disease. The scales may appear on the joints, such as elbows and knees, hands, face, feet, scalp, and neck. At times, the skin patches may crack and make you experience bleeding in them. Fortunately, following a healthy diet can help you regulate the undesirable psoriasis symptoms greatly. Health Total realises the importance of the right, nutritious diet in psoriasis treatment and achieving good skin health. Our expert nutritionists work to formulate a customised psoriasis diet chart comprising healthy foods and eliminating foods that trigger psoriasis symptoms. Let’s have a look at what exactly psoriasis is and how Health Total’s right diet and nutrition can help you manage the condition and improve skin texture and health effortlessly.

How Does Psoriasis Occur?

The patches of psoriasis occur due to an overactive immune system, which happens to speed up the growth of skin cells. Usually, the normal skin cells experience full growth, first deep in the skin, rising to the surface gradually, and then shedding, in about a month. On the contrary, in psoriasis, the skin cells grow completely in merely 3 to 4 days, and, instead of shedding, these rapidly grown cells happen to pile up on your skin surface. This leads to the development of the scales and plaques on the skin surface. Some psoriatic patients also experience burning sensation and itching in the psoriatic patches. Psoriasis on the face can affect your appearance. Fortunately, psoriasis self-care by following a healthy, nutritious diet and avoiding food triggers can help you manage the skin condition effectively. Certified dieticians at Health Total work to formulate a personalized psoriasis diet chart that helps alleviate the severity of psoriasis symptoms, mitigate the inflammation, manage your weight, and boost your immunity.

Health Total experts follow a unique scientific approach to formulate a customised psoriasis treatment plan catering to your particular psoriasis symptoms and meeting your nutritional needs. Our personalized best treatment for psoriasis is powered by Ayurveda and Homeopathy to alleviate your inflammation, improve your skin health, minimize psoriasis flare-ups, and help you heal naturally from within.

What Are the Best Indian Diet Plans for Psoriasis Management?

Diet plays a crucial role in maintaining good skin health, overall health, and smooth body functioning. Psoriasis being an auto-immune disorder, following a healthy diet can be a natural psoriasis cure. Whether you are looking for home remedies for psoriasis or how to cure psoriasis permanently, our expert dieticians can help you receive one of the best psoriasis treatments in India comprising the effective combination of personalized psoriasis diet chart, psoriasis treatment in Ayurveda, and homeopathy for psoriasis. So, if you are thinking about how to cure psoriasis permanently with home remedies, count on Health Total’s diet plans.

Health Total’s unique integrated approach considers your specific psoriasis symptoms, physical generals, treatment history, psychological make-up, other health conditions if any, and other crucial aspects and formulates a personalized psoriasis treatment comprising the appropriate healthy foods, homeopathy, and Ayurveda. We also offer health plans with Ayurvedic treatment for scalp psoriasis with the diet for scalp psoriasis treatment at home to help you recover. We aim to heal you naturally and prevent frequent psoriasis flare-ups. So, if you are wondering how to cure psoriasis with diet, here’s a quick rundown at some of the best diet plans that offer the naturally best treatment for psoriasis.

  1. Low-Calorie Diet:According to some medical studies, low-calorie and low-fat diets are effective in alleviating the severity of psoriasis. Following a low-calorie diet not only helps you lose undesirable weight but also aids in mitigating the severity of psoriasis symptoms. As per researchers, obese individuals happen to suffer from inflammation in the body that may worsen the symptoms of psoriasis. So, we offer a healthy diet that promotes weight loss healthily while nourishing your body can serve as an effective natural psoriasis cure.
  2. Gluten-Free Diet: Psoriatic patients who are sensitive to gluten or those having wheat allergies or celiac disease may find relief by avoiding the intake of gluten. Studies reveal that psoriasis has an increased sensitivity to gluten. So, we focus on formulating gluten-free diet plans for gluten-sensitive psoriatic patients. Our certified dieticians offer customised nail psoriasis treatment and scalp psoriasis treatment at home with customised gluten-free diet plans along with homeopathy for psoriasis and psoriasis treatment in Ayurveda for natural self-healing.
  3. Antioxidant-Rich Diet:Fresh vegetables and fruits are not just an inevitable part of a healthy balanced diet but also a crucial element of the best psoriatic treatment in India. Medical studies reveal that psoriatic patients happen to have low levels of glutathione, a strong antioxidant, in their blood. Glutathione is found in cabbage, cauliflower, garlic, collards, onions, kale, and broccoli. Our nutritionists help add these natural vegetables and fruits having abundant antioxidants to your psoriatic diet chart to alleviate your psoriasis symptoms.
  4. Diet with Fish Oil or Fish rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids:Low-fat diet having fish oil or fish abundant in omega-3 fatty acids can be one of the best treatments for psoriasis, as it offers anti-inflammatory benefits that help improve relief from undesirable psoriasis symptoms. Fishes, such as sardines and salmon, are abundant in omega-3 fatty acids that help fight inflammation naturally and alleviate psoriasis symptoms.

Foods To Avoid When Managing Psoriasis

While you have a healthy, nutritious diet for psoriasis, it is equally important to keep certain foods at bay. Certain foods happen to trigger psoriasis symptoms, while the intake of some foods may worsen the existing symptoms. So, our expert nutritionists recommend you avoid foods that cause inflammation and trigger an immune response leading to flare-ups. Avoiding foods triggering psoriasis can help you heal quickly while using the best ointment for psoriasis in India. Here’s a list of foods that you can avoid while following psoriasis home treatment with our customised diet plan and help prevent the risk of frequent psoriasis flare-ups.

  1. Red Meat and Dairy:Polyunsaturated fatty acid known as arachidonic acid is present in red meat, eggs, and dairy. Certain medical studies have revealed that the by-product of this acid happens to lead to the development of psoriatic lesions. So, our health experts suggest avoiding the intake of eggs, red meat, processed red meat, and bacon while following scalp psoriasis treatment.
  2. Gluten: Certain individuals suffering from psoriasis have been observed to experience gluten sensitivity. If you are a psoriatic patient and sensitive to gluten, it is crucial to eliminate foods containing gluten from your diet while following treatment for a permanent cure for psoriasis. Wheat, pasta, barley, malt, rye, and baked products containing barley, rye, and malt are foods that you should avoid.
  3. Processed Foods:The consumption of processed foods, which are usually high in calories, leads to obesity, chronic ailments, and metabolic syndrome. The intake of processed foods can lead to chronic inflammation in your body, thereby triggering psoriasis flare-ups. So, our health experts recommend keeping processed foods at bay while following psoriasis treatment. Processed meats, canned vegetables and fruits, pre-packaged foods, and processed foods that have large quantities of salt, fat, and sugar should be avoided.
  4. Nightshade plants:The intake of nightshades is known to trigger the flare-ups of psoriasis. These plants comprise solanine which impacts digestion adversely, thereby causing inflammation. To prevent inflammation and psoriasis flare-ups, our nutritionists recommend avoiding nightshades, such as eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes.
  5. Alcohol:Alcohol consumption disrupts your immune system’s various pathways and triggers psoriasis symptoms. So, if you are a patient of psoriasis, staying away from alcohol can help prevent flare-ups.

How Does Health Total’s Psoriatic Management Plan Works?

Health Total has developed a unique integrated scientific approach and step-by-step psoriasis treatment plan to alleviate the inflammation in your body and prevent psoriasis flare-ups with the diet naturally. Our effective integrated approach comprising customised psoriasis diet chart, Ayurveda, and homeopathy for psoriasis help you heal gently while meeting all your nutritional needs. Detoxification, rejuvenating you, nourishing your body, and sustaining positive outcomes for a long period is the four-step unique scientific process we focus on and follow while formulating a psoriasis permanent treatment plan. Our health experts design a personalised best treatment for psoriasis that aims at identifying and correcting your underlying health condition if any and enhancing your skin health and overall well-being. Here’s its quick overview of it.

  • Customised anti-inflammatory diet plan:By considering your specific psoriasis symptoms and health issues, our health experts develop a customised anti-inflammatory, nutritious psoriasis diet chart for you. The intake of anti-oxidants abundant foods and foods rich in other essential nutrients help you heal naturally.
  • Supplements and Ayurvedic Herbs:Our health experts prescribe you all essential nutrient supplements and Ayurvedic herbs catering to your specific health requirements. This offers you a natural psoriasis cure and helps you recover from psoriasis gently and smoothly.
  • Homeopathy corrects the root cause: Our psoriasis treatment in homeopathy not only helps in alleviating the inflammation and healing psoriatic patches but also corrects the root cause or underlying health issues causing psoriasis. Our homeopathy for psoriasis also boosts your immunity and helps prevent frequent psoriasis flare-ups.
  • Moderate exercises:While following personalized psoriasis treatment, practising swimming, water aerobics, stress-relieving yoga poses, and other relaxation techniques can help you experience relief in psoriasis. So, do follow them.

Are you browsing “how I cured my psoriasis smoothly?” or wondering about how to cure your scalp psoriasis permanently with natural ways? Reach out to us at Health Total and get a customised psoriasis treatment to heal naturally. Our team of health experts formulate personalized psoriasis treatment comprising diet plan, homeopathy for psoriasis, and Ayurveda that not only minimizes the inflammation and soothes psoriatic patches but also boosts your immunity and helps you have achieved positive outcomes sustainable for a long period. Additionally, our certified nutritionists ensure that your individualized psoriasis diet chart does not take a toll on your health and meet your nutritional requirements, and prevent potential complications at bay. So, be quick, get in touch with us at Health Total, and embark on your journey to have psoriasis-free skin smoothly and naturally with our customised best treatment for psoriasis.

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