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Soothe Your Aching Head Naturally With Our Homeopathy For Headaches

Headaches are very common occurrences that affect most of us at some or other time in life. The pain in the head is the key symptom of a headache. Individuals of all age groups can experience this discomfort. While most of us choose pain relievers to ease the pain, we should know that it may make us suffer from its side effects and turn dependent on them. Opting for a natural treatment with Health Total’s homeopathy for headaches can work wonders for soothing pain by promoting self-healing. Also, our customised homeopathy treatment is completely safe and does not cause any side effects or drug dependency. Based on your type of headache, our expert homeopathic experts offer you effective homeopathy treatment that suits you the best. Let’s have a look at various types of headaches and how you can experience relief with our homeopathy for headaches.

What are the Types and Causes of Headaches?

There are several types of headaches. Two prominent types of headaches are:

  1. Primary Headaches

    It results when the headache itself is the basic concern. This type includes cluster headaches, migraines, hypnic headaches, tension headaches, and new daily persistent headaches (NDPH). Most often, genetics and stress cause this type of headache.

  2. Secondary Headaches

    This type of head pain occurs due to some triggers or other health conditions. Headaches due to other medical conditions, such as hypertension, sinus congestion, disease of the brain’s blood vessels, infection, overuse of medication, head injury, and tumours come in this category.

Symptoms and Causes of Various Types of Headaches

The types of headaches are based on their causes. Here are some common types of headaches and their causes and symptoms

  1. Tension Headaches

    These are the most common occurrences resulting due to stress, head injury, depression or anxiety. They can be mild to moderate headaches affecting both sides. The pain is usually consistent without throbbing. It may aggravate during daily activities. Health Total’s homeopathy for tension headaches works in eliminating head pain naturally.

  2. Migraines

    The second most common type of primary headache is migraine. It is characterized by throbbing pain and pulsing sensation on either side of the head. The exact cause of migraine is yet not known but various hereditary factors, stress, and certain triggering factors make one suffer from migraine attaches. Besides one-sided pounding headache, sensitivity to sound, smell, and light, nausea, vomiting, and stomach upset are other associated symptoms of a migraine.

  3. Cluster Headaches

    The most intense primary headaches are cluster headaches. These headaches occur in a group such that you experience 1 to 8 times headaches a day. It may last from a couple of weeks to three months and may go away for months or years (remission) to recur later. It presents with an intense stabbing or burning sensation and constant or throbbing pain in the head. It may ache behind one of your eye regions without changing the sides.

  4. New Daily Persistent Headaches (NDPH)

    This type of headache may affect you suddenly and may last for over 3 months. Typically, it affects individuals who don’t get frequent headaches. It affects both the sides of the head and doesn’t respond to medicines. The pain happens to be continuous without any relief.

  5. Sinus Headaches

    Sinus infection that causes inflammation and congestion in the sinuses causes sinus headaches. The feeling of fullness in the ears, pain in the forehead and cheekbones, bad taste in the mouth, fever, and mucous discharge are some of its common symptoms. Our expert homeopaths offer personalized homeopathy for headaches due to colds to relieve your pain.

  6. Medication Overuse Headaches (MOH)

    These are also famous as rebound headaches, and they occur when you take pain relievers often. More frequent headaches, days with an aching head are more than days without it, and pain that worsens in the morning are its common symptoms.

  7. Headaches Affecting the Children

    Kids and teenagers get headaches due to stress, food triggers, changes in sleep, and environmental factors. These headaches are most often tension headaches or migraines. Our customised homeopathy for stress headaches and migraine can help the affecting children obtain long-lasting relief naturally.

  8. Posttraumatic Headaches

    This type of headache develops 2 or 3 days after a head injury. Light-headedness, dull pain in the head that worsens now and then, difficulty in concentrating, vertigo, memory issues, irritability, and feeling tired quickly are some of its common symptoms.

  9. Hormone Headaches

    This type of headache occurs due to a shift in hormone levels during menses, menopause, and pregnancy. Hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills can also trigger it. Menstrual migraines are one of the hormone headaches.

How Headaches are Diagnosed?

Although pain in the head is the obvious symptom of diagnosing a headache, it’s crucial to diagnose the type of headache if the pain persists. An accurate diagnosis is essential for the right treatment plan. Your healthcare provider may ask you about the type of pain in the head, how frequent it is, your current medications if any, the stress you are experiencing, what worsens your pain, and many other questions.

He will also physically examine you and check your vital parameters. The doctor may ask you to maintain a headache diary for the correct diagnosis. Also, if necessary, the doctor may suggest you some diagnostic tests, such as a CT scan or MRI to get a deeper look at the cause and condition. In certain circumstances, the physician may also recommend EEF (electroencephalogram).

How does Health Total’s Homeopathic Approach to Treating Headaches Work?

Health Total believes and excels in treating various health issues naturally with homeopathy which includes headaches. Our team of homeopathic experts offer you customised homeopathy for headaches that helps mitigate your pain in the head, its duration, and its frequency. Whether your headache is due to acidity or stress, our talented homeopaths offer you effective treatment based on the type of your headache. For instance, if acidity is the cause of your aching head, our personalized homeopathy for headaches due to acidity can ease your pain and treat the acidity naturally. So, you enjoy long-lasting relief.

Our certified homeopaths adopt a holistic approach by considering the person as a whole. We consider your headache symptoms along with physical and psychological generals, underlying conditions if any, medical history, family’s medical history, hormonal factors, and other aspects and develop customised homeopathy for headaches that suits you the best. So, you enjoy the best, lasting relief.

Health Total’s homeopathic experts work to identify triggering factors of your headache and guide you to avoid them to prevent frequent head pain. As we identify and treat the root cause of your condition, you heal from within and the headache doesn’t recur for long.

On top of that, Health Total’s homeopathy for headaches and migraines is completely safe and reliable, it does not cause any side effects. Our homeopathic medicines are sourced from natural sources, such as parts of the plants, minerals, salt, and herbs, and provided to you in small doses. So, you receive the best natural treatment with our homeopathy for sinus headaches and you enjoy side-effect-free recovery. Besides this, our homeopathic treatment does not cause drug dependency.


What are the Benefits of Health Total’s Homeopathy for Headaches?

Health Total’s customised homeopathy for headaches comes with several benefits such as:

  1. Our homeopathy for neck pain and headaches eases your pain, reduces the frequency, duration, and intensity of the headache and associated symptoms, improves your pain relief, and helps you enjoy complete relief over time naturally.
  2. Our homeopathy for nausea and headache or any type of condition addresses and treats the root cause and underlying health conditions. So, you experience self-healing at a deep level from within.
  3. You enjoy long-lasting relief from headaches and reduced frequency, intensity, duration of the episode, and recurrences. Over time, you may experience complete relief.
  4. Our homeopathy for headaches is completely safe and does not make you suffer from any side effects.
  5. Individuals of various age groups can go for homeopathy treatment without any concerns. From children to the elderly, all can count on homeopathy.
  6. It does not cause any drug dependency.

Moreover, Health Total specializes in following an integrated treatment approach involving a unique, effective combination of homeopathy, diet, and Ayurvedic solutions that not just treat your headaches but also boost your immunity, manage your weight, meet your nutritional deficiencies, and improve your overall health. Our health experts also follow a scientific four-step process involving detoxification, rejuvenation, nourishing your body, and offering you sustainable relief from head pain. So, hurry up, get in touch with us, and start with our integrated treatment to obtain relief from your headaches and enjoy an improved quality of life and health naturally, incredibly, and safely. Lead a pain-free life with our customised homeopathy for headaches.

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