What is Body Mass Index?

Body mass index (BMI) is one of the easiest ways to check if your weight is within the normal or average range as per your height.

Health Total - BMI Calculator Chart

BMI Range

The BMI ranges in the chart (right) indicate where you fit in. If you fall in any range beyond 'normal weight,' it's time to consult a doctor or nutritionist and get a weight-loss plan.

How does BMI calculator work?

The BMI calculator can be used to check the amount of excess fat your body carries and if you are at risk of heart disease and other health disorders, sucha s diabetes and high blood pressure.

It's worth nothing here that BMI does not take into consideration other characteristics of your body, such as bone mass, muscle weight and bone density. These should also be assessed to get the real picture on your current state of health. Speak to our health experts for an in-depth analysis.

So why should you use the BMI calculator? The answer is simple - it is an easy way to determine your weight category and gives you a fair idea of whether your weight is in the normal or high range.

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