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At 61, I can run up the stairs, my children are surprised at my higher energy levels.

Age: 61, Homemaker

The review of Mrs. Mangala Deshmukh, aged 61 years is also an eye opener for all. Mrs. Mangala shares how she lost ten kilos in fourteen weeks. She says it is worth joining a place such as Health Total. Her diabetes level, which was high before she joined our program, has now come down and has become normal. Further, her blood pressure has reduced largely. She used to take one tablet in a day for BP, which was reduced to half a dose, just a day after following our program. Mangala feels jubilant after seeing the surprising results she enjoyed from our plans until now. There are another six weeks left for the completion of her program. She feels extremely satisfied since she has spent her money for gaining better health. Currently, Mangala is leading a healthy life.*


Lost the Kilos, found the Bride!

Age: 42, Professional

Mr. Dinesh Varma, weighing around 80 kg, shares his experience of how he lost weight within a short period. Dinesh recommends this weight loss program to anyone who is looking forward to a healthier and fitter life with an attractive personality. In the video, Dinesh shares how he lost weight with little effort and no compromises. He is grateful to Health Total for giving back his lost smile, a feeling of pride, and self-belief.*

Mrs. Poonam Donde

Finally I can wear my favourite trousers back!

Age: 38, Banking Professional

Mrs. Poonam Donde, a mother of two, shares her views in about Health Total in the video. She lost about 18 kilos in 24 weeks. Now she can wear any of her favorite trousers, which she couldn’t wear before since she was overweight. Her energy levels have gone up appreciably by following the weight loss program of Health Total. She credits Health Total for all the praises that have been showered on her by her friends and family.*

Mrs. Sonal Mengar

Ate everything available in my kitchen, yet lost weight, but not my charm.

Age: 37, Homemaker

Mrs. Sonal Mengar shares in the video how she lost the charm on her face and hair after practicing dieting from other sources. Sonal came to know about Health Total’s weight loss plans from one of her cousins who was a beneficiary of our weight loss program. Sonal immediately joined the program and found that the diet plan didn't have any restrictions, and that she was able to eat everything available in her kitchen. She was able to follow the diet plan without any hassles. Within a few weeks, her skin began to glow, and she got complete freedom from her digestion problems. Sonal's husband and kids were also happy to see the change in her.*


Health Total, like its name is a total health package for any individual. I had an amazing experience with HT and loved the journey of my weight loss. One day I responded to a random SMS from HT. However, I had no intentions of weight loss. Within couple of days I received a call and I said let's just visit and see what these guys have to offer. When I checked my weight, I was shocked! It was 82 kgs and whenever I had checked my weight in the past it had always ranged 75-78 kg. Pradyna, the nutritionist from the Pimpri branch explained to me what all the plan would consist of. A controlled diet, daily exercise and the herbs to detoxify sounded like a good plan and I immediately took the 5 week plan However, me being a foodie at the back of my mind, I always feared how I would I follow this diet. But this diet was amazing. I didn’t find any difficulty in following this diet. In fact, I started loving this food and there was a change in my lifestyle and attitude towards my overall health in 3-4 weeks, people around me started noticing my weight loss and I was feeling good about all this. Now it has been 8 weeks and I can proudly say that HT has helped me reduce my weight to 70 kg- i.e., 12 kg reduction. (I started wearing all my old clothes which I had discarded deep inside my wardrobe). I am more lively and energetic today and have a mission of reducing 2-3 kg more. A big ‘Thank You’ to your amazing team of Pimpri branch who have been so cooperative and helpful at all steps. Dr. Ganga, Pallavi and Pradnya- you are the true guides and motivators of my weight loss journey. Kudos to you!*


This is the place where I found the real me which I was looking for. It worked like a miracle in my life. Thanks to Dr. Pushpanjali and Dr. Yashoda, who helped and supported me a lot throughout my course. Girls, go and grab the opportunity if you want to be beautiful and gorgeous forever!*


I always thought that losing weight was one big hell of an impossible task but my perception completely changed after joining Anjali Mukerjee Health Total. I was suggested by my friend to join Health Total so I joined the Noida branch. I would like to say a few words of appreciation for the Noida team specially my dietician Ms. Khushboo, she is a gem of a person, an amazing guide, very knowledgeable and it goes on and on. She doesn't do it as a job but I see her interested in your life issues and lifestyle and gives you a very practical diet plan and exercise regime. The service, support and program is really good. It’s just been few weeks and I have lost a good amount of weight without compromising on my health or starving. It was my best health related decision so far to join Health Total. I strongly recommend it to people who want to lose weight without harming their health to join Anjali Mukerjee Health Total!*


I was 95 kg after my pregnancy. I lost 23kgs in 20wks thanks to Health Total for giving me such an amazing result and helping me in regaining my self-confidence and giving me better life style.*


I just wanted to compliment you all for the great healthy eating plan (HELP). I have had the hardest time trying to lose weight even when I have gone to the gym. I drank plenty of water every day and lost my appetite because of the seizure medication I am on, and have suffered side effects of my seizure medication which causes me to be hungry all the time. I didn't ever think that I would find a diet for me, but after following Health Totals diet plan and herbs (detoxification) I have lost almost 8 kgs. I am working towards losing more weight. Thank you again for this awesome plan. Go for it guys, it’s really result oriented. Great job Health Total Team (Kothrud, Pune).*


Hi, my name is Shashidhar. After long time and trying many options I have enrolled my wife for the weight loss program in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai. It was a miracle, she lost 21 Kgs in 4 months. The Kharghar Center team is a fantastic team and they helped her throughout this program. Nutritionist Rafia helped my wife to maintain the health along with weight loss. thanks to entire team Kharghar.*


Hi, I am Anupama Siwach from Kharghar Navi Mumbai I have join Anjali Mukherjee before 6month I have reduced 14kgs weight, and the credit goes to Dr. Supriya / Dr Anjali Singh & Nutritionist Dr. Rafia, thank you so much for your support, I am glad.*


Hi I am Manjula, taking treatment in Health Total. I am pleased inform you after joining to this scheme in 14 weeks I have reduce 7.7 kgs and my monthly period is regularly I am very thanks a lot heath total I am enjoying my life with fit.*


Arun Merchant very effective diet programme. I lost 48 kgs in 8 months. Now I am 83 kg at the age of 66 yrs. After weight loss l swam 15 km in sea from Uran to gateway of India on 17th January at the age of 66 in 3 hours 25 minutes. Thanks to the staff at Worli branch of health total. With loss of weight l have become very active and strong. I am very happy with staff at Worli Dr. Poonam, Dr. Gaikwad and Dr. Rooxana.*


Hi!!! Joined Health total Indirapuram in October and since then not only I Have lost weight but with that gained lots of benefits in my health. I have come to medium from XL! I cannot express my overwhelming in words but yes, my stress levels gone, skin started glowing, digestion is at its best. Thank a lot to my Dr. Shaifali and nutritionist Preeti for understating my health problem and face my lots of tantrums:) and deal them with a sweet smile., Preeti's tasty and delicious recipes! I will suggest everyone to join once Anjali Mukerjee Heath total, Indirapuram to lose weight and gain health.*

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