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Anjali Mukerjee Reviews – Real Stories

Neeta Bhingarde

A diabetic for the last 15 years, Mumbai-based Neeta Bhingarde is hopeful of completely stopping her medication. Watch her transformation journey with Health Total.

Vivek Mehra

At 57, Mr Vivek Mehra lost 22 kgs!

Mr Vivek Mehra weighed 127 kgs before he enrolled with Health Total for a Weight Loss Program. During the program, he lost around 22 kgs. There was a time when Mr Mehra was lazy to walk. But today he runs around 5-6 km every day. Watch his successful weight loss journey.

Bindu Walia

Ms Walia shares how Health Total helped her lose weight & feel young & energetic again. She lost 10 kgs.

Shreya Tanna

Looking for a healthy weight loss? Watch Shreya Tanna sharing her journey. She lost 7 kg in 9 weeks on the Health Total weight loss plan. If Shreya can do it, so can you! Call 1800-266-0607 to book a free appointment today.

Firoza Khan

When Ms. Firoza Khan came to Health Total, she was grossly overweight; she was also asthmatic and had IBS. Today, Ms. Khan has lost 10-and-a-half kgs and hasn’t taken inhalers for 6 months. Just the right food pattern along with homeopathy helped her to regain health. Watch her weight-loss journey.

Dr Pradima Kulkarni

Age: 73, Psychologist

At 73, she lost weight in 2 months

Do you want to lose weight and in need of some motivation? Watch the weight-loss story of Dr Pradima Kulkarni – a 73-year-old psychologist. She came to Health Total determined and confident of losing weight in 2 months. And she did it! She lost 6-and-a-half kilos!


Age: 61, Homemaker

At 61, I can run up the stairs, my children are surprised at my higher energy levels.

The review of Mrs. Mangala Deshmukh, aged 61 years is also an eye opener for all. Mrs. Mangala shares how she lost ten kilos in fourteen weeks. She says it is worth joining a place such as Health Total. Her diabetes level, which was high before she joined our program, has now come down and has become normal. Further, her blood pressure has reduced largely. She used to take one tablet in a day for BP, which was reduced to half a dose, just a day after following our program. Mangala feels jubilant after seeing the surprising results she enjoyed from our plans until now. There are another six weeks left for the completion of her program. She feels extremely satisfied since she has spent her money for gaining better health. Currently, Mangala is leading a healthy life.*


Age: 42, Professional

Lost the Kilos, found the Bride!

Mr. Dinesh Varma, weighing around 80 kg, shares his experience of how he lost weight within a short period. Dinesh recommends this weight loss program to anyone who is looking forward to a healthier and fitter life with an attractive personality. In the video, Dinesh shares how he lost weight with little effort and no compromises. He is grateful to Health Total for giving back his lost smile, a feeling of pride, and self-belief.*

Mrs. Poonam Donde

Age: 38, Banking Professional

Finally I can wear my favourite trousers back!

Mrs. Poonam Donde, a mother of two, shares her views in about Health Total in the video. She lost about 18 kilos in 24 weeks. Now she can wear any of her favorite trousers, which she couldn’t wear before since she was overweight. Her energy levels have gone up appreciably by following the weight loss program of Health Total. She credits Health Total for all the praises that have been showered on her by her friends and family.*

Mrs. Sonal Mengar

Age: 37, Homemaker

Ate everything available in my kitchen, yet lost weight, but not my charm.

Mrs. Sonal Mengar shares in the video how she lost the charm on her face and hair after practicing dieting from other sources. Sonal came to know about Health Total’s weight loss plans from one of her cousins who was a beneficiary of our weight loss program. Sonal immediately joined the program and found that the diet plan didn’t have any restrictions, and that she was able to eat everything available in her kitchen. She was able to follow the diet plan without any hassles. Within a few weeks, her skin began to glow, and she got complete freedom from her digestion problems. Sonal’s husband and kids were also happy to see the change in her.*


Age: 35, Professional

I feel more energetic now!

Mr Vipul Kohli thought of exploring Health Total by Anjali Mukerjee weight loss plan after his wife suggested it to him. She was suffering from thyroid and was gaining weight. So, the couple joined Health Total centre in January 2015. In the video, Vipul shares how his wife lost weight and how he too decided to take up a diet plan. Post the weight loss, he feels energetic!*


Age: 30, Creative Head

I feel great after achieving my weight loss goal!

Darshita has done a seven-week weight loss programme at the Punjabi Bagh Health Total centre and she is quite satisfied with the results. She not only feels the difference in her energy levels, but is also happy after meeting her weight loss target. In the video, Darshita shares how her face was swollen before she started with the diet plan. Now she does not have any such health issue.*


Age: 22, Student

My skin is glowing post weight loss!

Kavita’s friend took up Health Total weight loss plan and she was impressed with his result. She too took up the diet plan and has no regrets about it. She is thankful to the team of doctors and nutritionists who guided her throughout her weight loss journey. In the video, she shares how she has not only lost weight, but has also seen improvement in her skin texture!*


Age: 42, Housewife

I feel more beautiful and energetic now!

Kshitija’s weight loss journey has been a beautiful one because she feels more pretty after losing weight. She credits the team of doctors and nutritionists who guided her throughout.*

MRS Manjusha Tawde

Age: 41, Make-up artist

My skin is glowing and hair growth has improved. I’ve become more disciplined.

Manjusha has been on the weight loss plan for around one-and-a-half years. She has lost weight; her skin has started glowing and her hair growth has improved too! In the video, she shares how her hair were brittle and dry before she took up the plan. Also, now she has started keeping a track of her eating habits and has become more disciplined. She is grateful to the team of nutritionists who helped her select the right weight loss plan.*

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