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Feel Relief From Allergies Naturally With Our Customised Health Plans

Allergies are your body’s reaction to a particular substance or allergen. An allergic reaction occurs when your body’s innate natural defences respond or overreact when coming in contact with an allergen, thereby treating it as an invader and ending up releasing chemicals to defend your body against it. Depending on the allergens, there are a variety of allergies, such as seasonal allergies, skin allergies, food allergies, and more. Facial swelling, skin rash, burning or tingling sensation in the mouth, streaming eyes, nausea, and sneezing are some of the discomforts resulting due to allergies. Certain dietary and lifestyle modifications can help ease the allergic symptoms that bother you. Health Total realises the crucial role of diet and nutrition in mitigating allergic discomforts and strives to provide you with a customised allergy treatment with an integrated approach comprising a suitable diet plan, homeopathy, and Ayurvedic home remedies for allergies to help reduce your frequency and severity of your allergic discomforts and improve your quality of life. Our allergy treatment also focuses on eliminating certain foods that trigger an allergic response that causes discomforts, such as milk allergy symptoms, and preventing the occurrence of allergic episodes So, let’s have a look at how allergy occurs, what types of allergies are, and how to treat and alleviate allergies with dietary modifications.

How Does Allergy Affect You?

Your body happens to respond to a substance thinking that it’s a harmful invader. For instance, your body may even react to what is usually a harmless substance, such as pollen, and produce allergic antibodies called IgE. Allergens are substances that cause allergic reactions in your body. The antibodies do the job of finding allergens and removing them from your body system. For this purpose, a chemical known as histamine is produced in your body and you experience the discomforting symptoms of allergies.

Types of Allergies and Their Symptoms:

  1. Food Allergy:Certain foods may make some people suffer from allergic reactions that may affect either their health or may surface on their skin. People may experience different types of allergic reactions to foods. There are differences between food intolerances, IgE-mediated allergies, and non-IgE mediated allergies. Raised, red itchy skin rash, swelling of the mouth or face, and tingling in the mouth are some common food allergy symptoms. Here are some types of food allergies:
  • Milk Allergy:Your body’s immune system’s abnormal response to the intake of milk and any food items containing milk is referred to as milk allergy. Hives, swelling of the tongue, lips, throat, vomiting, wheezing, and coughing are some common milk allergy symptoms that you may experience.
  • Gluten Allergy:Your body’s immune reaction to the intake of gluten is called gluten allergy. It is a protein found in foods containing wheat, rye, and barley. The immune reaction to the ingestion of this protein can cause inflammation which may damage the lining of the small intestine, cause malabsorption, and may make you experience medical complications. Diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, hives, irritation in the mouth and throat, and breathing difficulties are some of the common gluten allergy symptoms.
  1. Pollen Allergy: One of the most common triggers of discomforting seasonal allergies is pollen. Each season, even in winter in some areas, some plants release tiny pollen grains that happen to fertilize other plantations of the same species. However, when some people come in contact with these pollen grains, they suffer from allergic reactions. Sneezing, itchy nose, watery, red, and itchy eyes, nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, and fatigue are some common pollen allergy symptoms.
  2. Insect Allergies:Allergies can result due to the most common stinging insects, such as wasps, fire ants, bees, yellow jackets, and hornets. Also, non-stinging insects can make you suffer from allergic reactions. Insect-like dust mites and cockroaches are the most common non-stinging insects that cause allergies. And, allergies resulting due to them may be the most common cause of asthma and allergy that last around the year.
  3. Drug Allergies:Only a small number of people suffer from drug allergies. Often, most reactions to the drugs are not allergic but are the side effects of the medicine’s properties. Based on the symptoms and medical history of the patient, the drug reaction’s cause is diagnosed. At times, skin testing for drug allergy is also required to be done.
  4. Dust Allergy:This type of allergy is also known as dust mite allergy. It is an allergic reaction that you experience on coming in contact with tiny bugs that thrive in the dust in your home. Sneezing, red or watery eyes, itching in the eyes, and a runny or stuffy nose are the most common dust allergy symptoms. Dust allergy treatment with the right nutritious foods can help ease your discomforts naturally.
  5. Skin Allergy:When an allergen triggers an immune response in your body that results in irritation of the skin, you suffer from skin allergy. The itching, rash, raised bumps, scaling skin, and redness of the skin are some common symptoms of this type of allergy. Skin allergy home remedy with diet and nutrition can soothe your discomforts.
  6. Seasonal Allergies:The change in the weather may make you come in contact with certain allergens, such as mildew or mould fungi in the winter and pollen in summer, that may trigger an allergic response in your body. Stuffy or runny nose, sneezing, watery, itchy eyes, and cough are some common discomforts of seasonal allergies.

Certified, expert nutritionists at Health Total follow a unique scientific approach in formulating a customised allergy treatment with appropriate dietary measures that are tailored to your specific types, causes, and symptoms of allergy. Our personalized diet for allergy helps in mitigating the frequency and severity of your allergy symptoms, such as skin allergy symptoms, improve your immunity, ease your body’s inflammation, and help you obtain relief from the allergic discomforts. Our pool of talented dieticians also recommends you avoid certain foods and beverages to prevent allergic responses. Health Total’s allergy treatment is powered by Ayurveda and Homeopathy to soothe your allergy symptoms, nourish you, address and treat the root cause of the condition, and improve your relief.

What Are The Best Diet Plans For Treating Allergies?

Dietary changes can ease your allergic discomforts and improve your relief incredibly and naturally without any concerns. Including certain foods in your diet to soothe your inflammatory response and eliminating certain foods that trigger allergy symptoms can help greatly in minimizing the frequency and intensity of your allergy symptoms. So, expert dieticians at Health Total work hard to design a personalized plan, such as allergy cough treatment, with a suitable diet tailored to your specific allergic discomforts to enable your experience relief naturally. Our team of certified nutritionists and health experts carry out a detailed consultation of every client, considering the physical generals, medical history, psychological make-up, family’s medical history, other health conditions if any, and other necessary factors for identifying the triggers and cause of the allergy, and develop a personalized treatment, with the right diet, homeopathy, and Ayurveda.

We have expertise in offering an integrated treatment plan comprising the right diet and nutrition, homeopathy, and Ayurvedic solutions, such as dust allergy treatment in Ayurveda. Our customised diet for allergies comprises all crucial nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, and omega-3 fatty acids, that help you receive one of the best Indian home remedies for skin allergies and other allergies. Whether you need face allergy treatment with diet or home remedy for skin allergy itching, we excel in offering an integrated treatment comprising diet, homeopathy, and Ayurveda to mitigate your allergy discomforts. Here’s a list of nutrients that are the crucial ingredients of your allergy treatment with diet to alleviate your discomforts naturally and safely without any concerns.

  1. Vitamin C:The intake of vitamin C can minimize histamines, which are the chemicals in your body responsible for allergic discomforts such as runny nose and sneezing. You can have vitamin C from plenty of fresh foods, such as citrus fruits. So, we recommend you to have oranges, lemon, and other fresh citrus fruits in your diet.
  2. Magnesium:People suffering from asthma often happen to have low levels of magnesium, a mineral and an important nutrient. Enriching your diet with foods rich in magnesium can ease your allergic asthma symptoms and help you breathe easy. So, our expert dieticians recommend adding nuts, such as peanuts, almonds, and cashews, to your allergy cough treatment with diet as they are rich sources of magnesium.
  3. Vitamin D:While it is known that vitamin D is beneficial for the good health of the bones, it is also helpful in relieving allergic discomforts and asthma symptoms. Medical studies have found that individuals who have sufficient intake of vitamin D, experience great relief from allergic discomforts, such as dust allergy symptoms and food allergies. So, our expert nutritionists recommend eating foods rich in vitamin D such as salmon, tuna, and other nutritious seafood.
  4. Gingerol:Gingerol is a compound that is beneficial in allergic cough treatment. It is found in fresh ginger and is effective in drying up mucus, so it reduces your respiratory stuffiness due to mucus. Gingerol is present in greater quantity in fresh ginger than that in dry ginger. So, our expert dieticians suggest adding fresh ginger to your regular cooking preparations.
  5. Bromelain:The enzyme Bromelain is effective in reducing sinus congestion, pain, and swelling. It is found in pineapple juice. So, we recommend eating pineapple slices or fruit salad or having pineapple juice to feel better while dealing with allergic symptoms.
  6. Quercetin:It is a flavonoid or natural plant chemical which is beneficial in skin allergy treatment. Quercetin is effective in blocking histamines. It helps minimize itching, redness, and inflammation of your affected skin. Quercetin is found in all kinds of berries, peppers, onions, and apples; so, we recommend you add these nutritious foods as they serve as natural home remedies for skin allergy itching.
  7. EGCG:Your diet should comprise EGCG, a compound that helps soothe your allergy symptoms. EGCG is effective in blocking the IgE receptor, which is a crucial receptor responsible for your body’s allergic response. You can find EGCG in green tea. So, we suggest drinking a cup of green tea to help soothe your stuffy nose, sniffles, pollen allergy symptoms, and other allergic discomforts.
  8. Omega-3 Fatty Acids:Omega-3 fatty acids are effective in alleviating inflammation and offering relief from allergic asthma symptoms. Eating foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids helps ease your nasal swelling and stuffiness. So, we recommend adding fatty fish, such as tuna and salmon, to your regular diet as home remedies for allergies.
  9. Turmeric:Turmeric is a common spice that is most often used in our cooking preparations. It contains a compound called curcumin which possesses anti-allergic properties. Curcumin plays an active role in inhibiting the release of histamines, which are responsible for your skin allergy symptoms. The intake of turmeric offers you relief from allergic discomforts. So, we recommend adding turmeric to your regular diet.
  10. Probiotics:The good bacteria thriving in your gut help promote digestion of the food. The intake of probiotics boosts your immunity, helps prevent and treat food allergies, and improves your quality of life. You can find probiotics in fermented foods, such as yoghurt, buttermilk, and more. So, we suggest you have a bowl of yoghurt regularly to keep food allergy symptoms at bay.

5 Helpful Dietary Tips to Follow at Home While Managing Allergies:

Here are some simple yet effective dietary tips that can help you keep food allergies and other allergic symptoms at bay.

  1. Prefer Mediterranean Diet: Having fresh foods in your regular diet can help you obtain relief from respiratory allergies, such as dust allergy symptoms. So, we recommend adding fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fish, beans, and olive oil to your diet. Our expert dieticians can help you have customised health plans, such as skin allergy treatmentwith diet, to minimize the frequency and severity of the allergic discomforts.
  2. Avoid eating spicy meals in pollen season:Eating cuisines containing a high quantity of spices in the period when the exposure to pollen is high can aggravate your allergic symptoms, such as runny nose, mouth, eyes, and seasonal allergic discomforts.
  3. Reduce your intake of salt:Lowering your intake of salt can help improve your lung function and make you experience relief from respiratory allergic discomforts. Most of the salt that we consume come from processed foods, so avoid them. You can add fresh herbs and spices to enhance the flavour of various cuisines.
  4. Have green tea every morning:Green tea is famous for its natural antihistamine benefits that help alleviate discomforting allergic symptoms. So, green tea has a prominent role in skin allergy treatment with diet. That is the reason we suggest you have a cup of green tea every morning.

Get rid of obesity: Several medical studies reveal that obesity puts you at a high risk of developing asthma attacks that are often associated with allergic symptoms. Having a healthy weight by following a balanced diet can help keep these discomforts at bay. So, our health experts recommend following a nutritious, sustainable diet for weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.

How Does Health Total’s Allergy Management Plan Work?

Health Total specializes in following a unique scientific integrated treatment approach with a healthy combination of diet plans, homeopathy, and Ayurveda to manage your discomforting allergy symptoms naturally. We also follow a four-step process, which detoxifies your body, rejuvenates and nourishes you, and enable you to enjoy sustainable positive outcomes with an improved relief from allergic discomforts, such as food allergy symptoms. Our integrated treatment approach helps meet all your nutritional requirements, help you enjoy a healthy weight, eases your allergic discomforts, such as dust allergy symptoms, and improves your quality of life. The inclusion of Ayurvedic solutions and homeopathy in our allergy treatment helps you experience long-lasting positive outcomes, increased immunity, and improved relief from the allergies, such as food allergies. Here’s a quick glimpse of the ingredients of our health plan for allergy treatment.

  • Customised Allergy Diet Plan:Based on your specific type, symptoms, and causes of allergy and health conditions, our expert nutritionists develop customised treatment, such as allergy cough treatment, with a diet plan that eases your discomforts. Our certified nutritionists also ensure that your diet does not contain foods that trigger an allergic response.
  • Supplements and Herbal Therapy:Our health experts work hard to provide you with the right herbal solutions, such as the best dust allergy treatment in Ayurveda, and nutrient supplements that nourish you, improve your relief from allergies and help you enjoy long-lasting benefits naturally. We also recommend easy solutions, such as skin allergy home remedies, that help you experience relief naturally and safely without any hassles.
  • Homeopathy for Allergy:Health Total’s homeopathy for allergy identifies and addresses the root cause of the condition and promotes self-healing. Also, our personalized allergy treatment in homeopathy improves your immunity, mitigates your allergic response, and offers you long-lasting benefits.

Exercise and Relaxation Techniques: Along with an allergy diet plan, following mild but effective exercises, such as yoga for allergy, can help you experience relief naturally. Relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises like pranayama, can help you ease your allergy discomforts, such as food allergy symptoms.

Browsing the web to find the best natural treatment for allergies? Health Total is the right place to receive customised allergy treatment with diet, homeopathy, and Ayurveda from expert nutritionists. Be it food allergies or dust allergies, we have a personalized treatment plan for you. Our integrated treatment approach not only mitigates your allergic symptoms but also alleviates your innate allergic response, improves your immunity, nourishes you with all necessary nutrients, addresses the underlying health condition if any, and improves your quality of life. So, be quick, get in touch with us at Health Total and put a step forward to obtain relief from your allergic discomforts naturally with our personalized allergy treatment.

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