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Win the battle with Healthy Diet Plan for Blood Pressure

  • Feeling more thirsty than usual?
  • Having a fast or irregular heartbeat?
  • Feeling dizzy, lightheaded or faint?
  • Have you checked your blood pressure lately??

1 in 3 Indian adults have high blood pressure. However, the bigger problem is most people are unaware that they have it. Untreated high blood pressure can lead to heart diseases or even a stroke.

Desk jobs, no time to exercise, difficulty in breathing due to high level of stress, eating salty snacks or large meals, drinking and smoking all contribute to high blood pressure.
While some people may require medication to keep their blood pressure under control, most can lower it through changes in diet and lifestyle. Losing weight, consuming specific vitamins and minerals and proper stress management helps to combat hypertension. Any drug that you take has direct bearing on your state of health. So why not reduce your need for drugs by making wise food and lifestyle changes?

How The Health Total Blood Pressure Management Plan Works

Our doctors and nutritionists first identify the root cause of the problem and then follow an integrated approach that combines the benefits of a right high blood pressure diet, Ayurveda, homeopathy and simple exercise plan to help you control and manage high blood pressure.

  • Diet correction to control high blood pressure
  • Personalised food plan to regulate pressure
  • Supplements and herbal therapy to promote healing
  • Homeopathy to manage stress and anxiety
  • Light exercise

Health Total Brings Together The Best For You

Qualified & Experienced Nutritionists Qualified and Experienced nutritionists and doctors
4 Step Scientific Process We follow a 4-step process scientific process of Detox + Rejuvenate + Nourish + Maintain
Natural Nutritional Therapy Natural nutritional therapy
Healing with AyurvedaAyurveda to heal and balance
Self-Healing Homeopathy TreatmentHomeopathy to promote self-healing, boost immunity and eliminate health issues from the root
Support & MotivationSupport and motivation at every step