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Diet Plan for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is a silent killer that can lead to significant health damage if it’s not detected and treated on time. Hypertension affects every one in every three Indian adults and is responsible for 1.6 million fatalities annually. Sedentary desk jobs, lack of exercise, stress resulting in breathing difficulties, eating salty snacks or large meals, drinking, and smoking all contribute to high blood pressure. The uncontrolled and soaring blood pressure can cause damage to organs, such as the kidney, heart, brain, eyes, and blood vessels. It is also a prominent risk factor for stroke and cardiovascular diseases. While some may need medication to regulate their blood pressure, it’s important to note that diet and lifestyle modifications can work wonders in maintaining optimal levels of hypertension. Health Total realises this and, with a pool of expert dieticians and health experts, we work on developing a customised diet chart for high blood pressure to help you stay in pink of health. By considering all your health conditions, nutritional needs, hypertensive symptoms, and weight loss requirements, we formulate a customised Indian diet plan for high blood pressure.

At Health Total, certified nutritionists follow a unique scientific approach to develop a personalised high blood pressure diet plan catering to your specific blood pressure control requirements and health needs. These diet plans for high blood pressure promoting optimum levels of blood pressure are powered by Ayurveda and Homeopathy to manage your hypertension issues, prevent the risk of cardiac ailments and stroke, rectify underlying conditions or imbalances, and meet all your health needs.

What Dietary Changes Can Help You Manage High Blood Pressure Issues?

Your dietary habits play a vital role in managing your blood pressure. Eating a healthy diet can help regulate hypertension and prevent the risk of hazardous health conditions. Our pool of expert dieticians at Health Total formulates a customised diet chart for high blood pressure that not only helps you prevent/treat hypertension but also meet all your health and nutritional needs. We carry out complete consultation and analysis of every patient’s health condition to design an individualized high blood pressure diet plan that is most effective for the individual. Here’s a quick rundown of some healthy diet tips that we recommend to our clients for managing optimal blood pressure levels while following our customised Indian diet plan for hypertension.

1.Follow a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat dairy foods and minimizing the foods containing saturated fats, sodium, salt, sugar, and trans fats in your diet chart for high blood pressure is beneficial. Beans, lentils, pumpkin seeds, citrus fruits, and berries are some foods effective in preventing or treating hypertension. So, we recommend adding these nutritious foods to your high blood pressure diet chart. Our health experts also advise increasing your potassium intake with the right vegetables and fruits, as increased potassium levels help alleviate the effect of sodium, thereby preventing hypertension.

2.Cut on Caffeine Intake

Caffeine is believed to increase your blood pressure. It can cause about a 10 mm Hg rise in blood pressure, even if you are an infrequent consumer of caffeine. Though regular coffee consumers may experience little or no change in blood pressure, it is advisable to monitor your blood pressure in 30 minutes after you have a caffeinated beverage. If there is a 5 to 10 mm Hg rise in your blood pressure, you are likely to be sensitive to the hypertension-causing effects of caffeine.

3.Quit or Limit Alcohol Consumption

Alcohol consumption can be injurious to overall health. Frequent consumption of alcohol causes a spike in your blood pressure levels, and it may minimize the effect of medications and diet for high blood pressure. Minimizing alcohol intake also helps you get rid of excess weight. So, we suggest keeping alcohol at bay when following our high blood pressure diet chart, as it not just helps manage your blood pressure levels but also prevents you from putting on excess weight. Our weight loss program for high BP also focuses on helping you manage your weight while regulating your blood pressure.

4.Minimize your Stress Levels

Occasional stress, resulting due to unhealthy eating habits, smoking, and alcohol intake, and chronic stress can lead to hypertension. Health Total’s Indian diet plans for high blood pressure help you have a healthy diet, eliminate stress triggering foods and achieve optimal blood pressure levels smoothly. Also, practising relaxation techniques, such as yoga stretches, can help you regulate hypertension effectively. So, our health experts offer you a customised Indian diet plan for hypertension that helps you enjoy good physical and psychological health by having healthy blood pressure levels and beating the stress naturally.

How Does Health Total’s Blood Pressure Management Plan Works?

Our health experts and nutritionists follow a unique scientific technique in identifying the root cause of your hypertension and developing an integrated approach comprising diet and nutrition, Homeopathy, and Ayurvedic remedies that help you achieve optimal blood pressure levels. Here’s a quick rundown of our effective integrated approach and Indian diet plan for high blood pressure.

  • Diet correction

    Our certified nutritionists recommend healthy foods, such as potassium abundant foods, to minimize the sodium effect on the blood pressure so that you manage your hypertension naturally.

  • Personalised food plan

    Our efficient team of dieticians and health experts consider your physical and psychological make-up, self and family’s medical history, underlying health conditions, and other factors for designing a personalised diet chart for high blood pressure that caters to your unique health needs. We also help you stay in shape by offering a customised weight loss program for high BP. So, our personalized diet plan with Indian foods not just helps you manage your blood pressure levels but also nourishes you, keeps your weight in check, and strengthens your immune system.

  • Supplements and Herbal Therapy

    Our nutritionists prescribe you all necessary nutrient supplements and herbal remedies catering to your specific hypertension management needs.

  • Homeopathy

    Health Total follows a unique yet effective homeopathic approach in helping you manage your stress and anxiety, treating the root cause of high blood pressure, and healing you from within.

  • Regular Moderate Exercise

    Besides a personalised Indian diet plan for high blood pressure, we also recommend you to practice moderate exercises daily. Cycling, walking, swimming, and jogging for about 30 minutes daily can help lower your blood pressure levels naturally.
    Wish to regulate your blood pressure levels effectively yet naturally? Health Total is the right option to count on. Our team of expert dieticians offer you a personalised high blood pressure diet plan to help you regulate your hypertension. Our personalized hypertension diet chart not just manages your blood pressure levels but also provides you with all essential nutrients, improves your resistance to diseases and infections, manages your weight, and helps you lead a healthy life. Also, our health experts nourish you and keep potential risks of cardiovascular conditions, organ damage, and stroke at bay. Get in touch with us and embark on your journey to regulate your hypertension with our effective Indian diet plan for high blood pressure.

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