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Manage Your Mood Swings and Disorder with Homeopathy

A mood disorder or mood swings affect the mental health and emotional state adversely. A mood disorder may involve long periods of extreme sadness, extreme happiness, or both. Certain mood disorders also involve persistent emotions, such as irritability, frustration, and anger. Mood swings can interfere with your routine life and affect your quality of life adversely. Treating these psychological conditions can help you obtain relief, experience improved focus, and enjoy an improved quality of life. While psychotherapy and medications may help treat the condition, certain medications may cause side effects and drug dependency. While you continue with psychotherapy, going for Health Total’s homeopathy for mood disorders can help promote self-healing effectively and safely. Our homeopathy treatment adopts a holistic approach that improves and stabilizes your mood, increases your focus, and improves your quality of life. You enjoy long-lasting psychological and general health benefits without any side effects and without being dependent on the medicines with our homeopathy for mood swings. Here’s all about mood disorders and how you can benefit from Health Total’s homeopathy for mood disorders.

What are the Causes of Mood Disorders?

Medical experts believe that various factors are responsible for the development of mood disorders. They include:

  1. Genetic Factors

    Genetic or hereditary factors contribute to the development of mood disorders. Individuals having a strong family medical history of mood disorders are usually at risk of developing them.

  2. Biological Factors

    Amygdala and orbitofrontal cortex are the areas of our brain responsible for managing our feelings and emotions. Individuals suffering from mood disorders have been found to have an enlarged amygdala on performing brain imaging tests.

  3. Environmental Factors

    Traumatic or stressful events, such as childhood abuse, the death of a loved one, accidents, and other occurrences causing chronic stress, can subject you to the development of a mood disorder. You may also experience depression due to chronic health conditions, such as Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, and diabetes.

Types of Mood Disorders

Some common types of mood disorders include:

  1. Persistent Depressive Disorder

    It is also known as dysthymia. It’s a chronic or long-term depression. Our personalized homeopathy for mood disorders can help improve your mood and psychological well-being naturally.

  2. Major Depressive Disorder

    In this, the affected individual suffers from extended, persistent periods of loss of interest and extreme sadness.

  3. Bipolar Disorder

    It is a psychological health condition where the person experiences alternating extreme mood swings such as emotional highs and lows. Usually, it’s a lifelong condition.

  4. Cyclothymic Disorder

    This is a type of mood disorder which makes one experience emotional ups and downs that are less severe than bipolar disorder. The person may have a persistent unstable mood state.

  5. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

    It’s a form of depression which results due to a lesser duration of daylight from late fall to early spring in the far southern and northern latitudes.

  6. Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder

    In this type, the concerned female experiences irritability and mood changes in the premenstrual phase (seven to ten days) before menstruation. These mood changes vanish at the onset of menses. Anxiety, depression, irritability, and other mood changes are believed to occur due to hormonal changes related to the menstrual cycle.

  7. Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder

    In this type, severe, persistent, and chronic irritability is observed in children. It involves frequent temper outbursts which are known to be inconsistent with the developmental age of the child.

  8. Depression Related to Medical Illness

    When a person experiences a persistent depressed mood and a marked loss of pleasure in all or most activities due to a prevailing medical condition, its depression related to medical illness.

  9. Depression Induced by Medication or Substance Use

    In this type, one experiences depression symptoms after exposure to a medication, during or soon after substance use, and due to the withdrawal effects of a medicine or drug.

Symptoms of Mood Disorders

Mood disorders affect your mood, thinking abilities, sleep, energy level, and eating behaviours. Each type of mood disorder presents with a different pattern of symptoms. Here are some common symptoms.

Depressive symptoms of mood disorders include

  • Difficulty in concentrating or focusing
  • Feeling sad most often or daily
  • A loss of interest in activities that you enjoyed earlier
  • Feeling helpless or worthless
  • Sluggishness or lack of energy
  • A loss of appetite or overeating
  • Experiencing thoughts of suicide or death
  • Sleeping a lot or insufficient sleep

Manic or hypomanic symptoms of mood disorders include

  • Racing thoughts
  • Restlessness, irritability, and agitation
  • Rapid speech or rapid movements
  • Feeling elated or extremely energized
  • Exhibiting risk-taking behaviour, such as reckless driving or spending money excessively than usual
  • Insomnia or sleeping difficulties

How Mood Disorders Are Diagnosed?

If you are experiencing mood disorder symptoms, your healthcare provider may enquire about your stress, concerns, medical history, current medications if any, family’s history of experiencing any such mood swings, and other necessary factors to diagnose your condition. Also, the health expert will do a physical examination to rule out other physiological causes, such as any physical health condition, thyroid disease, and vitamin deficiencies.

You may even need to visit a psychologist who will interview you enquiring about and noting your symptoms, behavioural disturbances, eating habits, sleep-related issues, concerns, fears, and stress. This helps them diagnose the exact type of mood disorder bothering you. If required, the mental health specialist may also recommend brain imaging tests.


How Homeopathy Treatment for Mood Swings Works?

Homeopathy, which is a well-known system of alternative medicine, helps incredibly in treating various mood disorders. And, Health Total excels in offering effective, customised homeopathy for mood disorders that help you experience improvement in your psychological and overall health naturally, effectively, and safely.

Our expert homeopaths follow a holistic approach by considering the ailing individual as a whole and not just the symptoms. Our homeopathic experts consider your psychological symptoms along with physical generals, medical history, family’s medical history, environmental factors, current medications if any, underlying disease condition, nutritional deficiencies, and other necessary factors and create personalized homeopathy for mood swings treatment tailored to your specific needs. So, you enjoy the good scope of recovery and long-lasting positive results, such as improved and stabilized mood and improved focus, relief, and balance, with our homeopathic medicines.

Our certified homeopaths focus on identifying and treating the root cause of your mood swings. Once the root cause is addressed, you heal from within and experience improved psychological health and long-lasting benefits.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the side effects of the medications, as Health Total’s homeopathy for mood disorders is completely safe and does not bother you with any side effects. All our homeopathic medicines are prepared from natural sources, such as parts of plants, minerals, herbs, and more, and are provided to you in small doses. So, you experience improvement in your mood stabilization, focus, and relief naturally and safely with no adverse effects. On top of that, our homeopathy treatment does not cause drug dependency. Besides these, our homeopathic experts may also recommend some dietary modifications and relaxation techniques to support your recovery.

What are the Benefits of Health Total’s Homeopathy for Mood Disorders?

Health Total’s personalized homeopathy for mood disorders comes with several benefits such as:

  1. Our homeopathy for mood swings reduces your anxiety or hyperactivity, balances your energy levels, improves or stabilizes your mood, increases your focus, helps establish a psychological balance, improves your thinking abilities, and helps you enjoy good relief and improved quality of life naturally.
  2. Our homeopathy for mood disorders addresses and corrects the root cause of your psychological condition and promotes self-healing.
  3. Homeopathy helps you heal from within by acting at a deep level.
  4. You enjoy long-lasting relief and positive psychological health outcomes.
  5. Our homeopathy for mood disorders is absolutely safe and does not make you suffer from any side effects.
  6. Individuals of various age groups, ranging from children to the elderly, can go for homeopathy treatment without any concerns.
  7. Our homeopathy does not cause any drug dependency

Moreover, Health Total specializes in offering an integrated treatment involving a unique, effective combination of homeopathy, diet, and Ayurvedic solutions that not just treat your mood disorders but also boost your immunity, manage your weight, and improve overall health. Our health experts also follow a scientific four-step process involving detoxification, rejuvenation, nourishing your body, and offering you sustainable psychological health benefits. Also, it improves your overall health. So, hurry up, get in touch with us, and start following our integrated treatment to enjoy improved psychological health with stabilised good mood naturally, incredibly, and safely. Enjoy an improved quality of life with our customised homeopathy for mood swings.

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