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Osteoarthritis Diet and Management Plan

Osteoarthritis is known for being one of the most common types of discomforting arthritis. When the protective cartilage that supports the ends of your bones wears gradually as you age, you happen to suffer from osteoarthritis signs and symptoms. Neck, hands, lower back, hips, and spine are the most commonly osteoarthritis-affected joints. It’s the most prevalent joint-affecting ailment, and about 22% to 39% of the population in India suffers from osteoarthritis. Fortunately, following the right diet, avoiding certain foods, maintaining a healthy weight, and staying active can help slow the progression of the chronic disease, mitigate the pain, and enhance your joint functioning. Health Total realises the importance of the right diet for alleviating pain and inflammation, regulating the progression of osteoarthritis, and managing weight. Let’s have a look at what causes, symptoms, and stages of osteoarthritis are and how an osteoarthritis diet can help mitigate your pain and aid in osteoarthritis prevention.

What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Osteoarthritis?

Causes of Osteoarthritis

Joint damage due to the wear and tear of the protective cartilage around your joint makes you suffer from osteoarthritis. As you age, the cartilage wears and leads to bones of the joint rubbing on each other. Osteoarthritis also leads to the deterioration of the connective tissues that make up the joint. Besides ageing, other causes of joint damage are an injury in the past, such as ligament injuries or torn cartilages, joint malformation, poor posture, repeated stress on the joint, genetics, metabolic diseases, and obesity. So, managing your weight and maintaining good health with our customised osteoarthritis diet can help you keep painful osteoarthritis knee symptoms at bay.

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis:

The discomforting symptoms of osteoarthritis develop gradually and worsen over time. Here’s a list of some of the common osteoarthritis signs and symptoms.

  • Pain:Joint pain that may hurt you on and after the joint’s movement.
  • Tenderness:Even on applying light pressure, your joint might experience tenderness.
  • Stiffness:On waking up in the morning and after being inactive, you may experience joint stiffness.
  • Swelling:The inflammation of the soft tissue around the joint may make your joints swell. Our osteoarthritis knee treatment can help mitigate your knee swelling.
  • A loss of flexibility or restricted range of motion:You may find it difficult to move your joint in its full range of motion. This may restrict your joint movements.
  • Bone spurs:An extra section of bone, which you may sense like hard lumps, is a bone spur. It may develop around your osteoarthritis-affected joint.
  • Grating sensation:A discomforting grating sensation and the sound of crackling or popping might occur while you use the affected joint.

How Osteoarthritis is Diagnosed and What are Its Four Stages?

On physical examination by a certified doctor, the affected joint may present with swelling, tenderness, redness, and a restricted range of motion. Imaging tests, such as X-rays and MRIs, and laboratory tests, such as blood tests and joint fluid analysis, help in carrying out osteoarthritis diagnosis.

There are four stages of osteoarthritis. They are as below

  • Stage 1 (Minor):In this stage, your joints may have undergone minor wear and tear. You may experience minimal or no pain in the affected area.
  • Stage 2 (Mild):In the mild stage, the bone spurs may be noticeable. After an inactive period or sedentary period, you may feel stiffness in the affected area.
  • Stage 3 (Moderate):The cartilage in the osteoarthritis-affected area may begin to erode, thereby making your joints inflamed and increasing your discomfort in routine life.
  • Stage 4 (Severe):In this, the osteoarthritis patient may experience immense pain, as the cartilage has worn away completely. Increased inflammation of the joint occurs. The pain may also occur due to the overgrowth of bony spurs.

Health Total has expertise in following a unique scientific approach to formulate a customised osteoarthritis diet that caters to your specific osteoarthritis signs and symptoms to regulate your condition naturally and effectively. Our osteoarthritis knee treatment not only minimizes your pain and other discomfort but also help reduce your excess weight, nourish you with essential nutrients, and improve your joint functioning and quality of life. Our personalized treatment plan for osteoarthritis cure is powered by Ayurveda and Homeopathy to help minimize your joint inflammation and pain, improve your flexibility, enable you to stay in shape, and help you enjoy a healthy life.

What Are The Best Diet Plans For Managing Osteoarthritis?

Increasing the intake of certain foods and eliminating or restricting some of the foods can help minimize your joint inflammation and promote relief from discomforting osteoarthritis signs and symptoms. Our expert nutritionists work hard to develop a personalized osteoarthritis diet to regulate the progression of the condition, alleviate your pain, reduce the inflammation, manage your weight, and improve your relief from the condition effectively and naturally. Our health experts formulate your treatment plan by following an integrated treatment approach comprising the best Ayurvedic treatment for osteoarthritis in India and homeopathy for osteoarthritis. Our osteoarthritis treatment in homeopathy identifies the root cause of your condition, addresses it with the most suitable homeopathic remedies, and help you heal naturally from within.

What you devour plays a crucial role in managing osteoarthritis. Reducing the inflammation in the body, lowering cholesterol, and managing weight by following the right nutritious diet can help in osteoarthritis prevention and relief. So, our certified dieticians frame a customised osteoarthritis knee treatment plan by adding certain foods to your osteoarthritis diet and directing you to avoid certain foods. Check out some of the best foods that help in the treatment plan osteoarthritis cure.

  1. Oily Fish:Abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, oily fish is healthy food for fighting osteoarthritis. These healthy fats offer anti-inflammatory benefits that help minimize joint pain and discomfort. Salmon, sardines, fresh tuna, and mackerel are some oily fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Have at least one portion of any of these fishes every week. Chia seeds, walnuts, flaxseed oil are other good sources of omega-3 fatty acids that help fight inflammation.
  2. Other healthy oils:Besides oily fish, other healthy oils that help minimize inflammation can help you have relief. For instance, extra virgin olive oil is known to have high amounts of oleocanthal that offers positive effects similar to NSAIDs. Safflower oil and avocado oil are other healthy oils that help reduce cholesterol in your blood. Thus, these oils are effective home remedies for osteoarthritis.
  3. Low-fat Dairy: Low-fat dairy products, such as low-fat cheese, milk, and yoghurt, are rich sources of vitamin D and calcium. An increased intake of these dairy foods can boost your bone strength and minimize your pain due to osteoarthritis. Also, the protein content in dairy foods helps in building muscles. So, our certified dieticians recommend adding these dairy foods to your osteoarthritis diet. If you are focusing on regulating your weight, opt for low-fat dairy options.
  4. Dark Leafy Greens:These nutritious vegetables have plenty of antioxidants, vitamin D, and stress-fighting phytochemicals. Eating them increases your vitamin D levels that help in calcium absorption and boost immunity. Kale, collard greens, and spinach are some leafy greens that you can include in your osteoarthritis diet.
  5. Green Tea:Rich in polyphenols, green tea is one of the best Ayurvedic treatments for osteoarthritis in India. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that help minimize inflammation and slow the progression of cartilage damage. So, have it regularly.
  6. Broccoli:Sulforaphane content in broccoli is effective in slowing the progression of osteoarthritis signs and symptoms. It also contains vitamin C and vitamin K.  Calcium content of broccoli is beneficial in strengthening the bones of osteoarthritic patients.
  7. Nuts:Abundant in calcium, zinc, magnesium, fibre, and vitamin E, nuts are an effective natural remedy that helps in osteoarthritis cure Alpha-linolenic acid in nuts helps boost immunity.
  8. Garlic:Diallyl disulfide, a compound in garlic, works against cartilage-damaging enzymes in your body. So, our dieticians add garlic to your osteoarthritis knee treatment.

Foods To Avoid To Reduce Osteoarthritis Symptoms

Certain foods can trigger flare-ups of osteoarthritis. So, we recommend avoiding eating them. Check out a list of some of the common foods to avoid in your osteoarthritis diet.

  1. Added Sugar:Consuming foods with added sugar and sugar-sweetened beverages triggers flare-ups of arthritis, worsens osteoarthritis symptoms, and increases your risk of developing arthritis. Foods high in sugar can increase inflammation, make you prone to turn obese and affect the health of your joints adversely. So, our expert nutritionists recommend avoiding foods and beverages with added sugar that include candy, baked goods, soda, and barbecue sauce.
  2. Salt:Although salt is an inevitable ingredient of a healthy diet, eating excess salt can increase the swelling and inflammation of your joints. Also, excess salt can cause fluid retention in your body and increase your weight, thereby worsening your osteoarthritis knee symptoms. So, our health experts suggest keeping your salt intake in control. Processed foods containing high amounts of salt should be avoided.
  3. Saturated Fat and Trans Fats: Eating a diet rich in saturated fats can increase the inflammation in your body, thereby worsening osteoarthritis knee symptoms. So, avoid foods containing a high quantity of saturated fats that include fried foods, full-fat dairy, red meat, butter, and processed meats. Also, eating foods containing trans fats happens to increase bad cholesterol (LDL) levels in your blood that can increase systemic inflammation and aggravate osteoarthritis symptoms. So, we recommend you stay away from foods containing trans fats.
  4. Omega-6 Fatty Acids:Certain foods containing omega-6 fatty acids promote inflammation in your body that may worsen osteoarthritis discomfort. Excess intake of omega-6 fatty acid abundant foods can increase your joint pain and discomfort. So, avoid peanut, corn, grapeseed, mayonnaise, and other foods containing omega-6 fatty acids.

Alcohol: Chronic intake of alcohol is linked to systemic inflammation which can damage your body and increase osteoarthritis signs and symptoms. Also, some alcoholic drinks contain a high quantity of sugar that increases inflammation in your body. So, our health experts recommend staying away from alcohol for osteoarthritis prevention.

How Does Health Total’s Osteoarthritis Management Plan Works?

Health Total have expertise in developing customised osteoarthritis health plan comprising osteoarthritis diet, Ayurveda, and osteoarthritis treatment in homeopathy by following a unique step-by-step scientific approach. Our integrated treatment approach relieves you of joint pain and discomforts, increase your bone strength, manage weight, and improve your quality of life. Certified dieticians at Health Total work on developing personalized osteoarthritis knee treatment that nourishes you and helps you heal from within. Our health experts not just treat you for osteoarthritis but also work on preventing other risk factors, nourishing you, and improving your overall health and well-being. Here’s a quick glimpse of it.

  • Customised osteoarthritis diet:Based on your specific osteoarthritis signs and symptoms and other health issues, our health experts develop an individualized osteoarthritis diet that helps alleviate your joint pain and discomfort, reduce the inflammation in your body, improve bone strength, and improve your quality of life.
  • Supplements and Herbal Therapy to reduce inflammation:Our certified dieticians develop individualized osteoarthritis knee treatment by prescribing you the right mineral and vitamin supplements, other necessary nutrient supplements, and herbal remedies tailored to your particular osteoarthritis condition. It helps you offer long-lasting relief in pain by reducing inflammation and increasing your bone strength.
  • Homeopathy helps you heal from within:Health experts at Health Total offers you personalized osteoarthritis treatment in homeopathy that not just relieves your pain but also addresses and treats the root cause, promotes healing from within, and boosts your immunity naturally.
  • Moderate Exercise:While following osteoarthritis knee treatment and diet, it is crucial to stay active by practising exercise regularly. Do the appropriate yoga stretches, go for a brisk walk, or do physiotherapy exercises to improve your joint flexibility and range of motion. Regular exercise mitigates your osteoarthritis signs and symptoms and helps improve your quality of life.

Searching for natural yet effective treatment for osteoarthritis cure? Health Total is at your rescue. Our team of health experts offer you a customised treatment for arthritis of any joint of your body, such as osteoarthritis knee treatment, to minimize your pain, reduce inflammation, increase your joint’s range of motion, and improve your quality of life. Our one of the best Ayurvedic treatments for osteoarthritis in India and osteoarthritis treatment in homeopathy help you heal naturally. We not only treat your osteoarthritis condition but also offer you a personalized osteoarthritis diet that will nourish your body, address your health needs, regulate your weight, and help keep potential health risks at bay. So, be quick, get in touch with us, and embark on a healthy journey to enjoy pain-free life with our personalized osteoarthritis diet.

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