Nutritional plan, Homeopathy Plan & Ayurveda - Holistic approach

Health Total is all about bringing health and well-being to the common man via natural and scientific means. We believe good nutrition has a powerful impact on a person’s health and is the number one holistic medicine tool.

  •  4-step scientific process—that get you the desired results through detoxification, rejuvenation, nourishment and maintenance
  • Food as medicine—Health Total programmes use natural therapy with no harmful effects on the body
  • Nutritionally adequate meals—nutritional therapy, lifestyle modifications, Ayurveda and Homeopathy combined with mild exercise to help you gain health
  • Evidence-based measurable results to guide you
  • Total customised care throughout the plan
Health Total believes in providing personalised care and paying special attention to your details:

1) Share your current health status, family history, and any other health related issues with our in-centre expert doctors and nutritionists
2) We will help you arrive at your health goal and put you on a personalised diet plan

What happens once you arrive at our centre?

1) Weight loss plays a crucial part in helping you gain good health. So, the team will first calculate your BMI to arrive at the desired weight goals.
2) They measure your body fat composition (BFC) to analyse the relative proportions of fat and lean mass in your body. This helps the experts understand your risk of developing obesity-related health issues
3) The next step is to calculate your waist circumference to understand the presence of visceral fat, subcutaneous fat and other fats
4) Lastly, they measure your waist-to-hip ratio to understand waist size compared with hip size. This is a good indicator of visceral fat which resides in the abdominal area and is closely linked to chronic health issues
1) We suggest the best possible health plan based on your prakruti (body type) to help you achieve your health goal
2) We plan your dietary requirements for achieving your health goals
3) Our doctors and nutritionists personalise your health plan to help you meet your requirements
1) We monitor and support your health goals on a weekly basis
2) Our experts guide you in case of variances and make the necessary adjustments to your diet if required

Real People, Real Stories

At 61, I can run up the stairs, my children are surprised at my higher energy levels.
Mrs. Mangala Deshmukh
Homemaker, 61 years
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To reach out to those people who dream to lead a healthy and fitter life but cannot make it to any of our health centres, Health Total has a ‘Do At Home’ programme. As part of this programme, we bring a personalised health plan at your doorstep.

A health kit will be delivered at your doorstep after a consult with the medical team comprising of Ayurvedic doctors, Homeopathic doctors and Nutritionists. This will be followed by weekly follow-ups.

So, why should you choose Health Total @Home programme?

Our team of doctors and nutritionists have successfully treated lifestyle problems such as obesity, hypertension, type II diabetes, high cholesterol and other health issues.

High-quality plans, well-training staff and a personalised patient approach and complete dedication to people’s health best define Health Total’s successful journey in the past two decades. We use nutritional therapy and Ayurveda to detoxify your body. This therapy not only makes you feel energised and rejuvenated but also gets your body into an ideal state of balance where it would be disease-free.

Our goal is to continuously provide you with custom-designed health plans that help you lead a healthier and happier life.

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